Empire Actor Arrested After Assaulting His Wife

SUSPECT: Bryshere Gray

CHARGES: Assault and disorderly conduct


THE DETAILS: According to police reports, authorities received a 911 call from the wife of Empire actor Bryshere Gray. The victim reported that her husband had assaulted her, so the police rushed out to their residence. Once the police responded to the home, Gray refused to speak with or cooperate with the police officer’s demands. As a result, officers were forced to call out a SWAT team and crisis negotiators in an attempt to protect the victim. After about nine hours of back-and-forth, the police were finally able to get Gray into custody.


Rapper Tory Lanez Arrested on Sunday on a Gun Charge

SUSPECT: Tory Lanez

CHARGES: Unlawful possession of a firearm


THE DETAILS: In the very early hours on Sunday morning, authorities in Hollywood Hills were called out to an incident. According to the caller, an altercation had occurred before someone in an SUV reportedly fired off some bullets and fled the scene. After getting a good description of the SUV, the authorities started patrolling the area. Before long, they came across a car that matched the victim’s description. Authorities identified the suspect as rapper Tory Lanez, and then they searched his car. They discovered a concealed weapon and a woman who was reportedly suffering a nasty foot injury. The victim alleged that her foot had been cut by some broken glass inside the car. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, while Lanez was taken to jail on an unlawful possession of a firearm charge. Days later, the victim, Megan Thee Stallion, revealed that she’d actually been shot multiple times. She hasn’t revealed whether Tory was the one who shot her or not.


Justice Served After Racist Attack in Hotel Last Month: 2 Arrested

SUSPECTS: Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay

CHARGES: Second-degree and third-degree assault, intimidation based on bigotry and bias


THE DETAILS: After a few weeks of investigating, the authorities have finally identified and apprehended a couple accused of racially attacking a hotel worker in Connecticut. According to the police, the couple became violent back on June 26. They were staying at a Quality Inn when they reportedly started to experience issues with the water temperature in their room. That’s when they confronted a hotel employee, Crystal Caldwell, about their dissatisfaction. The couple, who are both white, suddenly became violent. Surveillance footage shows Sarner approach Caldwell near an ice machine. He punches her before shoving her to the ground. Then, he proceeded to kick her in the head and called her a “monkey.” It’s important to note that the victim is African American, and she took the insult as a racial slur. The victim was very injured by the attack. She suffered a concussion as well as injuries to her knees, right eye, and back. While the staff attempted to call 911, the couple did the same. Both the victim and the couple alleged that they were the true victims, so all three were transported to a hospital. Shortly later, the couple fled from the hospital, returned to the hotel, grabbed their car, and left the state. They were finally tracked down in New York.


Dozens of Protestors Arrested and Charged with Felonies in Kentucky

SUSPECTS: 87 protestors

CHARGES: Intimidating a participant in a legal process, disorderly conduct, trespassing


THE DETAILS: The death of Breonna Taylor remains controversial. In the wake of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests, there’s been a renewed interest in seeking justice for the African American who was wrongfully killed after a no-knock search of her home. Four months have passed, but no arrests have happened yet. In response, hundreds of protestors decided to show up outside of the Kentucky Attorney General’s private residence. The group started occupying the front yard, chanting, and voicing their opinions. It wasn’t long before the authorities arrived and asked everyone to leave the area. About 87 individuals refused to listen, so they were all taken into police custody. They’ve been hit with several charges, which could mean a jail sentence of anywhere from one to five years if they’re convicted. The Attorney General later spoke out about the ordeal, explaining that it was “not acceptable.”


California Resident Accused of Fraudulently Collecting Millions of Coronavirus Relief

SUSPECT: Andrew Marnell



THE DETAILS: On Thursday, authorities took a California resident into custody while he was gambling in Las Vegas. According to the police, Andrew Marnell intentionally falsified multiple loan applications in order to collect money from the Coronavirus Relief fund. After fraudulently applying for loans, Marnell was able to collect a whopping $8.5 million. Then, he used a portion of that money to go gambling in Las Vegas. He also used some of the money to make risky stock market bets