Caught on Surveillance Cam: Mother and Father Murder Newborn Hours After Birth

SUSPECTS: Andrea Torralba and David Villa

CHARGES: Assault on a child by means of force resulting in death


THE DETAILS: Staff at a California hospital were horrified and baffled after witnessing a mother and father brutally murder their newborn baby just hours after giving birth. According to authorities, both parents admitted that they didn’t want the child. Investigators confirmed that the child’s injuries suggested the youngster had been strangled. The investigation is still ongoing, but both suspects have been detained in jail. The father’s bail is set at $5 million, while the mother’s bail has been set at $1 million.


Latest Social Media Trend Causes Another Arrest in Texas

SUSPECT: 15-year-old minor

CHARGES: Tampering with a consumer product


THE DETAILS: The most recent social media trend has just landed another suspect behind bars, and this time the culprit is a 15-year-old minor. According to authorities, the Texas teen was caught picking up a bottle of Arizona Iced Tea off a store’s shelf. He proceeded to spit in the drink and put it back on the shelf. This horrifying act has been repeated by multiple culprits across the country, and police are reminding everyone that this action is a crime in all 50 states.


Dozens of Onlookers Swarm Suspect Fleeing Police in LA

SUSPECT: Unnamed

CHARGES: Driving recklessly and resisting arrest


THE DETAILS: Just before 3 P.M., police in Orange County noticed a strange man hanging out of the sunroof while wearing a joker mask. The authorities immediately attempted to pull the car over, but the suspect continued driving down the road. After nearly an hour, the driver exited his car and took off down the beach. Dozens of beachgoers began swarming the suspect and filming him. Eventually, police approached the man and threatened to use a taser on him. The suspect relented and he was brought into custody.


Authorities Solve 1988 Cold Murder Case

SUSPECT: Joao Monteiro



THE DETAILS: The Pawtucket Police Department recently solved a decade’s old murder case, and they’ve apprehended the primary suspect. Back in 1988, Christine Cole, a ten-year-old child, went out to the store. She never returned home. Almost 54 days later, authorities were dismayed to find her body when it washed ashore about 15 miles away from her hometown. No leads were found at the time, but DNA evidence was stored for later testing. The case was reopened in 2018, and police used the DNA evidence alongside new genealogical testing to locate a potential suspect: Joao Monteiro.


City Clerk Arrested After Meeting with Evanston Police

SUSPECT: Devon Reid

CHARGES: Outstanding warrant for failing to appear in traffic court


THE DETAILS: Devon Reid, a City Clerk, was apprehended by police after he dropped into the police station for a meeting. According to the Evanston Police, the City Clerk had an outstanding warrant after he failed to appear in court for a traffic offense. After about two hours, the suspect was released on a $575 bond. Court records confirmed that Reid had failed to appear in court on April 3rd after getting a ticket for driving on a suspended registration back in January. Once released, Reid used the experience to highlight ways we could improve the current court system. He suggested that courts should begin sending text reminders and have an ability to reschedule court dates. He explained that he didn’t recall receiving any notice about his court date and was not aware of a warrant being issued.


Five Guys Arrested for Fighting Outside of Five Guys Restaurant

SUSPECTS: Keith Morine, Loren Perine and three unnamed male juveniles

CHARGES: Fighting in a public place, disturbing the peace


THE DETAILS: Police in Stuart Florida were forced to respond to a “public brawl” that broke out at a Five Guys restaurant in the middle of the week. According to onlookers, two adult men and three male teenagers appeared to get into a public scuffle. At least one cup was thrown at someone and a door was slammed into another man’s face before a fistfight broke out. The three minors have all been released to their parents, but the two adults have both been booked into the Martin County Jail.