Woman Assaults Officer Who Finds Baby’s Remains in Her Bag

SUSPECT: Mandy Lavonne Lacy

CHARGES: Assault on a police officer, more charges are pending


THE DETAILS: On Sunday afternoon, the Roanoke County Police Department received a call about a disorderly person at the Tanglewood Mall. When officers arrived, they witnessed the suspect behaving “erratically.” One officer approached the woman, but she reportedly assaulted him as he drew near. The officer suffered a minor injury, so the other officers moved in to arrest the woman for assault. As the investigation ensued, officers discovered the remains of an infant inside of the suspect’s shopping bag. Now, they’re investigating the death of the child. So far, the woman has only been charged with assault on an officer, but it’s likely more charges will be issued as the investigation continues.


Suspect Arrested After Fatal Road Rage Incident on Memorial Day

SUSPECT: Janvique Entrael Franklin Jr.

CHARGES: Manslaughter


THE DETAILS: According to authorities, an intense road rage situation turned fatal over the Memorial Day weekend in Mississippi. At the time, two vehicles became enraged with each other on I-10. Police say the incident continued for over 17 miles before things got out of control. Witnesses say someone from the suspect’s vehicle threw a firecracker into the victim’s car. Suddenly, gunshots started flying. One of the bullets struck the victim, Brandon Box. Authorities concluded that a 9-millimeter weapon was used in the shooting, but police didn’t find any more evidence at the time. Then, a few days later an officer in Hammond was called out to respond to a domestic violence incident. When he arrived, he noticed a weapon that matched the description of the one used in the Memorial Day shooting. As a result, police began treating Franklin as a suspect. After investigating, the suspect finally admitted to firing the fatal shots. Now, he’s been arrested for manslaughter and faces extradition back to Mississippi.


Judge in High-Profile Case and Her Family Attacked by Gunman: Suspect Found Dead

SUSPECT: Roy Den Hollander

CHARGES: Attempted murder, suicide


THE DETAILS: On Sunday, a federal judge and her family were attacked by a gunman while they were at home. According to authorities, Judge Esther Salas was likely the target, but the crime resulted in the death of her son. Her husband was also struck by a bullet, and he’s still in critical condition at the hospital. Authorities say the gunman arrived at the house wearing an inconspicuous FedEx uniform and a mask. He started firing a few rounds before fleeing the area. Authorities later tracked down the suspect. They discovered attorney Roy Den Hollander deceased in his vehicle, suffering from a gunshot wound. Investigators concluded that the wounds were self-inflicted. They connected the weapon to the attack on the judge’s home, and they also discovered a package with the victim’s address inside his car.


Three Suspects Arrested After Three Men Killed in Florida

SUSPECTS: Tony “TJ” Wiggins, Mary Whittemore, William Wiggins

CHARGES: Murder, accessory to murder


THE DETAILS: Last Friday, Brandon Rollins’ father received a phone call from his son. His son desperately pleaded for help, so his father rushed out to his location. When he arrived, he found his son and his two friends all suffering from gunshot wounds. Authorities were called out to the remote area in Frostproof. Investigators determined that the suspects must have known the victims were coming to the area, and they confirmed that theory when surveillance video showed the suspect at a gas station before going fishing. The suspects were all in the store at the time the victim told the clerk where he was going. Investigators questioned the suspects seen on the surveillance video, and that’s when they started to connect the dots. After a search of TJ Wiggins’ home, the police discovered two shotguns and ammunition in a safe. Eventually, it was revealed that TJ intentionally hunted down and shot all three victims. Reports say that TJ believed the victims had stolen his truck, but the details and truth to this claim remain unseen. While TJ is being charged with murder, his brother and girlfriend are being charged with accessory to murder after the fact. Both witnesses allegedly helped TJ cover up what he had done. They also both failed to report to the authorities after the crime.


Man Pulls Gun on Customer Who Asks Him to Wear Mask

SUSPECT: Vincent Scavetta

CHARGES: Aggravated assault with a firearm


THE DETAILS: On July 12, customers who were shopping in a Florida Walmart got into an argument over wearing a mask. According to video footage that has since gone viral, the suspect was shopping along in the electronics department when another shopper confronted him about not wearing a mask. The suspect immediately became irate and pulled out a firearm from his waistband. The suspect intentionally pointed the weapon at the victim, and the victim said he didn’t care about the gun. That’s when the suspect escalated the situation and said, “I’ll kill you.” More shoppers got involved, and both men eventually walked away from each other. The police analyzed the footage and finally tracked down the suspect. He’s since been arrested for threatening other Walmart shoppers with his weapon.