Several Marines Arrested for Trafficking Humans

SUSPECTS: 18 Marines and one sailor

CHARGES: Human smuggling and drug offenses


THE DETAILS: The names of the 18 Marines and one sailor are still being withheld as an investigation continues into widespread allegations of human smuggling. According to initial reports, all the suspects were low-ranking. NCIS is currently in charge of the case. Most of the men were taken into custody publicly at a West Coast military base.


Intoxicated Man Smashes Into Dairy Queen

SUSPECT: David Batchelor

CHARGES: Operating a vehicle while under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and driving to endanger


THE DETAILS: A 50-year-old resident of Westbrook, Maine, has been taken into police custody after smashing into a Dairy Queen and attempting to flee the area. According to police, the suspect hit a retaining wall in front of the restaurant before hitting the actual building. Rather than stopping, the suspect drove away, which caused a trail of debris. Another vehicle was struck by the debris and one passenger was injured. When authorities arrived, they used a K-9 unit to locate the hit-and-run driver. The police pups lead authorities straight to the suspect’s door.


ICE Attempts to Arrest Man in Nashville, Video Goes Viral

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Convicted criminal eligible for deportation

DATE OF ARREST: Still Pending

THE DETAILS: ICE agents in Nashville, Tennessee, were seeking to make an arrest, but instead, they ended up going viral when confronted by a local advocacy group called X Nashville. Initial reports suggest that ICE agents were attempting to take an unidentified man and his 12-year-old son into custody because he is a “convicted criminal alien ICE fugitive.” Despite that, they lacked the authority to make the suspect exit his van. The man refused to exit his van, so ICE agents reached out to the local police. That’s when community members from X Nashville appeared. The group formed a human chain as police showed up and vowed only to “keep the peace.” No arrests were made, but the story has since gone viral online.


Suspect Arrested Returning to the Scene of the Crime in Washington City

SUSPECT: Nicholas Adam Potterson



THE DETAILS: One man’s unique appearance led to his immediate arrest when he unintentionally returned to the scene of a crime while police were investigating. The day prior, the suspect had cashed fraudulent checks amounting to more than $390. When he returned, the staff immediately recognized him and called the police again. Potterosn, whose head is shaven except for two horn-like spots, was found possessing several fraudulent documents and checks. He was promptly apprehended.


New Jersey Suspect Commits Grand Theft Auto And Aims Gun at 2 Kids

SUSPECT: Nasim Altaquan Jackson

CHARGES: Armed carjacking and committing a hit-and-run


THE DETAILS: A 19-year-old man from New Jersey has been accused of stealing a car at gunpoint that had two children inside. The whole ordeal started in an AutoZone parking lot on July 25. Witnesses saw the man and an unidentified woman approach the vehicle and point a firearm at the family inside. Onlookers called 911 as a mother and her two young children fled the car. Police later caught up with the car and engaged the driver in a chase. Ultimately, the driver lost control during the police chase. He then attempted to steal another vehicle and shot an innocent onlooker in the process. The next day, the police finally captured and arrested the man. They have not released any additional information about the female suspect involved in the crime.


Potential Terrorist Suspect Arrested at JFK Airport

SUSPECT: Delowar Mohammed Hossain

CHARGES: Attempting to provide material support for acts of terrorism


THE DETAILS: One man from the Bronx has been taken into federal custody after allegedly proclaiming support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not only was the suspect supporting the terrorist group, he reportedly had plans to travel to Afghanistan, join the group and kill several members of the US armed forces. The potential terrorist’s plans were foiled, though, when he revealed his detailed plans to an undercover FBI informant. The suspect had already purchased a ticket to Thailand to begin his journey, but federal agents seized him before he could board the flight.