Man Attempts to Kidnap Child in Florida Hotel

SUSPECT: Gabriel Martin

CHARGES: Burglary of an occupied dwelling with battery, kidnapping, violation of probation


THE DETAILS: At around 9:41 PM on Sunday, authorities in Hillsborough County received a frantic 911 call from a mother. According to the victim, she was in a hotel room in the Tampa Bay hotel with her young child. Suddenly, a man burst into the room. The suspect reportedly attempted to grab the child up. The enraged mother instinctively jumped up and grabbed her child away from the man. The suspect was shocked by the mother’s response and fled the room. That’s when she called 911. When the police arrived, they began to search the area. They found the suspect was discovered hiding among some bushes in a nearby business park. Police discovered that the suspect was currently on probation for armed burglary charges. He was promptly charged and arrested.


Gym Owners in NJ Arrested After Not Shutting Down

SUSPECTS: Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti

CHARGES: Fourth-degree contempt of court, obstruction and violation of a disaster control act


THE DETAILS: Everyone around the country wants life to get back to normal, but experts are still convinced that opening up everything isn’t the right thing to do amidst the growing pandemic. As a result, several states have enacted different measures to attempt to contain the virus. In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy ordered all indoor workout facilities to remain closed temporarily to curb the spread. Despite that, Atilis Gym in Camden County bucked the governor’s orders and continued to operate as normal. The issue eventually made it to New Jersey’s Superior Court on Friday. The Judge issued a court order to force the two gym owners – Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti – to leave the gym and close the business. Despite the court order, the gym owners again attempted to open their doors on Monday. As a result, they were both apprehended and taken into police custody. The state’s health department put locks on the gym doors and also put up barriers to prevent anyone from getting into the business.


Paige Johnson Went Missing in 2010: A Suspect Finally Arrested a Decade Later

SUSPECT: Jacob T. Bumpass

CHARGES: Gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, more charges are likely


THE DETAILS: Back in September of 2010, Paige Johnson was picked up from her mother’s house by a ‘friend’. She was never seen again. At the time, the police questioned Johnson’s friend, Jacob Bumpass, about where Paige could’ve gone. The suspect claimed that he dropped Paige back off at about one in the morning after hanging out with her on September 22. He claimed to have left her near Scott Boulevard, but authorities found that Bumpass’s phone records didn’t match up with his story. Phone records show Bumpasss was actually near Paige’s home at one in the morning, then he went off to a nearby park. Despite the evidence, authorities didn’t have enough information to arrest Bumpass. Now, ten years later, the police have finally discovered the victim’s remains. They’ve also finally pressed charges against Bumpass. Currently, he still isn’t facing murder charges, but the police are working hard to uncover more evidence to tie him to the crime.


Suspect Arrested After Allegedly Setting Fire to Arizona’s Democratic Party HQ

SUSPECT: Matthew Egler



THE DETAILS: Last week, officials reported that the Democratic Party Headquarters in downtown Phoenix was targeted by protestors. The building was set ablaze, and the fire did result in “substantial damage.” Phoenix police quickly located nearby surveillance video, which showed a suspect committing arson. The video also showed the man walking away from the fire, stopping at his vehicle, and taking in the scene of the fire before fleeing. The police department released the footage onto social media, and they confirmed that they’ve identified and arrested the culprit. It remains unclear what motivated the suspect to torch the building.


Floridian Arrested for Breaking Quarantine Isolation Order While Walking Dog

SUSPECT: Jose Freire Interian

CHARGES: Violating a quarantine order


THE DETAILS: Jose Interian and his partner both tested positive for Covid-19. As a result, they were ordered to isolate themselves. Despite the order, one of their neighbors saw Jose walking down the road with his dog. The vigilant citizen scooped up her smartphone and began recording the suspect. Then, she called the police and showed them the video footage. Authorities visited Jose’s home and confirmed that the COVID-positive suspect had violated quarantine by walking his pet. Both the suspect and his wife were both taken to jail.