20 Killed in TX Walmart Mass Shooting

SUSPECT: Patrick Crusius



THE DETAILS: Police in El Paso, Texas, were horrified to report that at least 20 people were killed in a mass shooting event at a local Walmart. According to authorities and witnesses, the armed suspect entered into the store and began indiscriminately firing at paying customers. Witnesses described ducking to the floor, hiding in the back of the store and fleeing for cover. At least 20 individuals were fatally shot, and at least 24 others were injured. Now, the FBI is investigating the whole ordeal as a potential hate crime. More details are expected to emerge as authorities process the scene.


SWAT Team Apprehends Suspect After Two Bodies Found in Home

SUSPECT: Andrew Burke

CHARGES: Two counts of second-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: August 3rd

THE DETAILS: An out-of-town caller reached out to the Police in Murrieta when they couldn’t get in touch with a relative. The caller requested that the authorities do a well check on their relatives, so the police complied. They arrived at the residence in question at around 9:40 P.M., but no one answered the door. Police forced their way inside, and that’s when they discovered two deceased victims. They also found an uncooperative man who immediately attempted to flee. He barricaded himself within the home, which forced police to enlist the help of a SWAT team. After an hours-long standoff, the suspect was eventually taken into custody. Now, he’s behind bars, and his bail has been set at $1 million.


Suspect Arrested After Fight Breaks Out During Trump Rally

SUSPECT: Dallas Frazier

CHARGES: Misdemeanor assault


THE DETAILS: When Trump comes to town, you can expect at least a little resistance. Once protesters show up, you can expect some tension at the very least. In an almost all-too-common story, another fight broke out just outside of a “Keep America Great” Rally between a pro-Trump supporter and an anti-Trump protestor. The suspect, Dallas Frazier, was reportedly driving down the road when he encountered protesters. Frazier began yelling from his vehicle at a protester, Michael Alter, about politics. Eventually, Frazier stopped his car and yelled out “You want some?” at the 61-year-old victim. Suddenly, Frazier became violent and began punching the victim multiple times. Onlookers immediately called the police, and the suspect was taken to jail. As he was being hauled away, anti-Trump protesters started the familiar chant, “Lock him up, lock him up.”


18 Arrested in Boston After a Police Officer was Assaulted

SUSPECTS: 18 suspects

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct, outstanding warrants, possession of heroin


THE DETAILS: On Thursday, an officer was headed to work and passing by the well-known “Methadone Mile” area. Large groups of individuals often congregate within the zone, which is near both the Suffolk County House of Correction and a shelter. While passing through the area, the officer was attacked. To send a message, the department decided to sweep the whole area for criminals. They initiated “Operation Clean Sweep,” which ultimately resulted in 18 arrests. At least two people were also detained under the suspicion of attacking the officer.


8 Arrested for Conspiring to Murder South Carolina Woman

SUSPECTS: Aaron Carrion, Aaron Sprouse and James Robert Peterson



THE DETAILS: Police discovered the body of 27-year-old Michelle Dodge about two weeks ago, and it was immediately apparent that the victim had been murdered. She had been shot in both the head and foot. After investigating the situation, authorities have come to the startling conclusion that the victim’s murder was orchestrated by a man who is already behind bars for an unrelated murder. Now, at least eight different suspects have been taken into custody under the suspicion of helping conspire to murder the victim and cover up the crime.


Constable Arrested in Polk County After Making 911 Call

SUSPECT: Dana Glen Piper

CHARGES: Theft by a public servant, disorderly conduct and tampering with a witness


THE DETAILS: The Polk County Sheriff’s Office was shocked when they learned that a constable had reached out to 911 for help. Several officers rushed out to the constable only to later put him under arrest. According to initial reports, the constable was discovered in the 4400 block of Old Israel Road. Police are remaining tight-lipped about the details surrounding what prompted the 911 call and why the constable was ultimately placed under arrest. While the constable has already been released from jail, an investigation into the night’s events is still ongoing.