R. Kelly Arrested Again, Paid Thousands to Recover Sex Tape Evidence


CHARGES: Conspiracy to receive child pornography, receiving child pornography, producing child pornography, enticement of a minor, conspiracy to obstruct justice


THE DETAILS: R. Kelly has been arrested yet again, and this time a 13-count indictment is alleging that he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to numerous people to buy back his own sex tapes. According to the indictment, R. Kelly had been making videotapes of illicit acts with minors as far back as 1998. Several people obtained these videos, and R. Kelly reportedly paid them off to give the tapes back. Despite the countless allegations against R. Kelly, his lawyer continues to argue that they’re simply not true. He’s currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.


Oklahoma Man Caught with Uranium, Gun, Whiskey and Snake During Traffic Stop

SUSPECT: Stephen Jennings

CHARGES: Possession of a stolen vehicle, driving with a suspended license and transporting an open container of liquor


THE DETAILS: After weeks of investigating, the Guthrie Police Department is finally releasing details behind a traffic stop arrest that led to the discovery of radioactive uranium. According to police, the suspect was initially stopped because the vehicle he was driving had expired tags. Upon walking up to the car, an open bottle of whiskey was visible. After learning he also didn’t have a valid license, officers initiated an arrest. That’s when officers were told a weapon was in the car, and they began the process of impounding the vehicle. That’s when they discovered a Timber rattlesnake in the back of the car right next to uranium. A hazmat unit was rushed to the scene, but eventually, police learned that the uranium in question can be purchased legally on websites like


Former Florida Police Officer Arrested for Planting Drugs on at Least 120 Suspects

SUSPECT: Zach Wester

CHARGES: 52 counts in all including racketeering charges, false imprisonment, official misconduct and fabricating evidence.


THE DETAILS: According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a former officer has just been arrested after it was discovered he was planting drugs on unsuspecting victims. The former officer in question, Zach Wester, has been under investigation for at least 9 months. It’s apparent that Wester’s actions caused innocent people to be placed in jail. It was also learned that Wester often misused his body camera by turning it off right before the alleged drugs were found in a suspect’s car.


Culprits Behind Hate Crime Identified Thanks to School’s Wi-Fi Network

SUSPECTS: Seth Taylor, Tyler Curtiss, Josh Shaffer and Matt Lipp

CHARGES: Hate crime


THE DETAILS: Details have now emerged about the four high school seniors who took a Senior prank way too far. The group of boys allegedly went to spray paint their high school on the night of May 23rd. The following morning, when the Swastikas and racial slurs were discovered, the boys were all taken into police custody. Initially, it was unclear how the boys were identified. Now, authorities have confirmed they were all identified because their phone’s automatically connected to the school’s Wi-Fi network during the attack.


ICE Protest Ends After 16 Arrests

SUSPECTS: 16 protesters

CHARGES: Suspicion of unlawful assembly and obstructing a public road


THE DETAILS: Things got heated in Phoenix on Friday night when a group of protesters shut down traffic while demonstrating against the latest wave of immigration arrests. According to police, the protesters gathered outside of an ICE office and began blocking cars from moving on Central Avenue. Organizers estimate that nearly 1,500 participated in the event. The disruption led police to tell the demonstrators to get out of the street, but many continued. Eventually, police began arresting those that stayed in the road.


Instagram Influencer Arrested After Allegations Surface


CHARGES: Sexual assault


THE DETAILS: The Los Angeles Police Department announced on Friday that they’ve apprehended the Instagram influencer Ray Diaz after discovering a disturbing video of the 33-year-old and an underage girl. The victim, a 17-year-old, claims the suspect dated her for over a year. She posted video evidence on social media of Diaz berating and hitting her. That’s when police got involved. Now, he’s been arrested for sexual assault and his bail has been set at $500,000.