Kidnapping Attempt Foiled by Police

SUSPECT: Alexus Skinner

CHARGES: Two counts of kidnapping


THE DETAILS: All working moms know how difficult it is to leave their children with someone else while they go to work. For one South Carolina mom, her worst fears came true over the weekend. On Saturday, she needed to work, so she asked her sister to watch her two children. Both six-year-old Bryson Skinner and three-year-old Ryleigh Skinner were missing when she went to pick them up the next morning. She immediately reached out to the police, who began searching for the victim’s sister. Within a few hours, they discovered the suspect’s license plate had been scanned by a camera in Georgia at around 3:30 A.M. Authorities eventually located the vehicle. When they attempted to pull the car over, the suspect fled, which led to a brief vehicle pursuit. Both children were discovered safe in the car. The suspect, Alexus Skinner, was taken to a nearby hospital for a medical and mental evaluation. She’s also been charged with two counts of kidnapping.


Six Former eBay Employees Viciously Stalked and Harassed an Online Journalist

SUSPECTS: James Baugh, David Harville, Stephanie Popp, Stephanie Stockwell, Veronica Zea and Brian Gilbert

CHARGES: conspiracy to commit cyberstalking, conspiracy to tamper with witnesses


THE DETAILS: Authorities are shocked after a horrific conspiracy to harass an online journalist has come to light. Apparently, the online giant eBay had several different employees involved in a scheme to discredit, scare and torture a journalist who had written some negative things about the company online. The conspiracy was so horrific that employees are accused of sending the victim live bugs, pornography, a bloody pig mask, and books about how to survive the loss of a spouse in the mail. On top of that, some employees conspired to drive out to the victim’s home, break into her garage, and equip her vehicle with a GPS locater. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, the group of eBay employees also had plans to mail the victim a deformed pig fetus. The whole ordeal started last year in August when the journalist published an article about litigation involving eBay. When executive leaders of the company saw the article, they decided it was time to “take down” the victim and her spouse. As a result of their pervasive and horrible harassment campaign, each suspect could face up to five years in prison.


Albuquerque Protest Leads to Shooting: Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Stephen Ray Baca

CHARGES: Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon


THE DETAILS: Across the nation, protesters have targeted specific statues and monuments. It’s been no different in Albuquerque. According to authorities, protests and counter-protests broke out on Monday near a statue of a Spanish conquistador. The statue allegedly represents a conquistador that’s well-known for his brutality towards indigenous people. He also enslaved many natives. Some protesters were attempting to rip the statue down, while counter-protesters attempted to protect it. As the demonstration got more heated, suddenly a shot rang out. Police were forced to use flashbangs and tear gas to disperse the crowd. One person was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital. Now, he’s in a “critical but stable” condition. Baca was taken into custody and questioned. The following day, he was officially charged and arrested. The city has announced that it plans to take down the statue, as it has become a matter of public safety to do so.


Suspect Steals Beehives in Multiple States

SUSPECT: Perry David Bayes

CHARGES: Possession of stolen property in the first degree


THE DETAILS: You might not know it, but bees are big money makers for thousands across the nation. This has become especially true as the natural bee population has struggled with climate change. On Sunday, authorities successfully arrested a suspect who is accused of nabbing beehives across several different states. The whole investigation began when one beekeeper from Lincoln County reported the theft. From there, the police set up a sting operation to catch the bee-nabber in action. After catching the suspect, authorities confirmed that the bees he stole could be worth over $200,000. He’s now charged with a Class B felony.


Atlanta Officer Charged in the Death of Rayshard Brooks

SUSPECT: Garrett Rolfe

CHARGES: Felony murder


THE DETAILS: Last week, Rayshard Brooks was shot to death in a Wendy’s drive-through by police officers. According to authorities, the shooting occurred after the suspect attempted to grab an officer’s taser. Despite the suspect’s actions, the current state of America has resulted in increased scrutiny of the officer’s actions. Was it a case of unwarranted force by officers? Investigators think so. After the shooting, the suspect reportedly kicked the victim while he was on the ground. Then, they delayed providing medical attention for over two minutes. As a result, the officer has now been arrested for murder. The arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday, and Rolfe turned himself in to police custody on Thursday.