Suspect Arrested After Transgender Woman’s Murder in TX

SUSPECT: Ruben Alvarado



THE DETAILS: Earlier this month, police discovered the deceased body of Chynal Lindsey in a Dallas lake. Lindsey self-identified as a transgender woman, and many feared that her status may have led to her death in some sort of hate-fueled crime. She was found just two weeks after another transgender woman, Muhlaysia Booker, was found fatally shot in the same state. Police have remained closed-lipped about any information regarding a potential hate crime, and the suspect is not currently responding to police questioning.


Florida Police Under Fire for Arresting Domestic Violence Victim

SUSPECT: Courtney Irby

CHARGES: Armed burglary, grand theft of a firearm


THE DETAILS: One Florida Police Department is under strict public scrutiny after arresting a domestic violence victim. The suspect, Courtney Irby, was undergoing a nasty divorce case with her estranged husband on June 14th. After the court hearing, her husband allegedly followed her home and rammed her vehicle with his several times. Eventually, he ran her off the road. She called the police, and her estranged husband was ultimately arrested for domestic assault. The next morning, a judge allowed her husband to leave jail under the condition that he turn in his firearms. Courtney, in fear of her life, rushed to her husband’s home, took the firearms, and brought them directly to the Lakeland Police Department. She asked the police to keep them, and that’s when they began questioning how she got the guns. Suddenly, Courtney was the one being arrested for taking her violent, estranged husband’s weapons without his permission.


Police Still Hunting for Owner of Attack Squirrel

SUSPECT: Mickey Paulk

CHARGES: Possession of a controlled substance, firearms possession violation, possession of drug paraphernalia

DATE OF ARREST: Outstanding

THE DETAILS: The nation was gripped when authorities in Alabama explained how they were searching for a suspect accused of training an attack squirrel. The suspect, they allege, has raised the animal from birth, but he’s fed it meth to keep it aggressive. According to police, the suspect has used the squirrel to attack others. Once the story hit the media, Paulk responded by making a live stream video on Facebook. He claims that he’s never fed drugs to the squirrel, but he did admit to keeping it as a pet. Despite the sensation around the story, authorities in Alabama explained that the suspect is a fleeing felon with outstanding warrants unrelated to his attack pet.


Journalist Gets Phone Slapped Out of Hand After Recent Trump Rally

SUSPECT: Daniel Kestner

CHARGES: Battery


THE DETAILS: Trump fans around the country were fired up when the current President made his official reelection announcement during a rally in Florida. The event drew in thousands of onlookers, but not all of them were interested in being filmed. According to the Orlando Police Department, a suspect was arrested outside of the arena and is facing battery charges. A reporter was filming the suspect with his cellphone camera when suddenly he charged forward and attempted to slap the phone out of the journalist’s hands. It was later revealed that the journalist was working for the Orlando Sentinel. Nearby security guards quickly took charge of the situation and led the suspect away from the reporter.


Syrian Refugee Accused of Plotting Terrorist Attack in Pittsburgh

SUSPECT: Mustafa Mousab Alowemer

CHARGES: Plotting a terrorist attack


THE DETAILS: The FBI was alerted about Syrian refugee Mustafa Alowemer in April of last year. They began monitoring his social media accounts and promptly recognized the suspect’s ties to ISIS, an infamous terrorist organization. An undercover FBI agent eventually got into contact with the suspect and uncovered a horrific plot. The suspect was reportedly planning on targeting a specific Church due to its ties to Nigeria and Christianity. He wanted to place a bomb in the church, and he’d already collected several bomb-making materials. In addition, he’d hand-drawn escape routes from the church as further preparation for his attack. Authorities later revealed that he’d also somehow gotten satellite maps of the area around the church. Thankfully, the undercover agent in contact with the suspect helped bring him into custody.


Suspect in Critical Condition After Hiding in Trash Compactor

SUSPECT: Angela Dotolo

CHARGES: Shoplifting


THE DETAILS: Employees at an NSA Supermarket in Connecticut became suspicious when they noticed one of their shoppers, Angela Dotolo, seemingly stealing items off of the store’s shelves. Upon being alerted, employees began to search for Dotolo to confront her, but she was nowhere to be found. A short time later, an employee turned on the trash compactor. They were horrified when they began hearing screams coming from inside. Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene, and Dotolo was pulled out of the machine. Now, she’s in critical condition at the hospital.