California Inmate Believed to be Responsible for Over 60 Deaths

SUSPECT: Samuel Little


THE DETAILS: Investigators in Texas announced that they’ve connected an overwhelming 60 murders to a single suspect. The murders occurred across 14 states, and many have remained cold cases until they were connected to an inmate who is currently behind bars in California. The suspect, Samuel Little, is currently serving life sentences for murdering the women in Los Angeles, but now prosecutors believe he may be the most prolific serial killer in history. He claims to have murdered over 93 women.


Detroit Authorities Apprehend Potential Serial Killer

SUSPECT: Unnamed



THE DETAILS: Since the beginning of March, police in Detroit have discovered bodies of three separate women. The victims were all discovered within abandoned houses. At least one of these deaths has been ruled a homicide. Police are now concerned about the “strong possibility” that all the deaths are linked to a single perpetrator. Two of the victims appear to have worked in the sex trade, so authorities have a working theory that the perpetrator may have lured the victims to the houses before raping and killing them. On Friday, authorities took a person of interest into custody. Initial reports suggest the suspect is homeless.


Man in Utah Arrested After Harassing Congressional Members

SUSPECT: Scott Brian Haven

CHARGES: The interstate transmission of threats to injure


THE DETAILS: Scott Brian Haven, a resident of Utah, has apparently been so enraged over the political atmosphere over the past three years that he hasn’t been able to resist the urge to repeatedly call congressional members. In all, the suspect is accused of making at least 2,000 phone calls to the U.S. Capitol. In many of his calls, Haven allegedly threatens members of Congress with violence. He often cites his 2nd Amendment right and his willingness to utilize it. He also tells one member that he is standing right behind him with a gun before asking him if he is ready and then hanging up. It remains unclear what motivated the suspect to continuously threaten congressional members, but now he’s been deemed a danger to society and put behind bars.


Woman Posed as a Social Worker and Attempted to Kidnap Baby

SUSPECT: Unnamed

CHARGES: Attempted kidnapping


THE DETAILS: A suspect in the Santa Ana area has been taken into police custody after allegedly posing as a social worker and attempting to kidnap a newborn child. According to the victim, a woman came to her door a few days after her child had been born. The person claimed her name was “Mayela Ortega” and that she was a social worker. The suspect told the woman to give her the child, but the mother refused. The suspect threatened to call the authorities, but the mother still refused to allow her to take the child. As the suspect left, the victim took cell phone video of the alleged social worker. It eventually led the Santa Ana Police Department to arrest the person responsible.


Doctor from Ohio Accused of Killing 25 Patients

SUSPECT: William Husel

CHARGES: 25 counts of murder


THE DETAILS: A former doctor from Ohio is being accused of facilitating the deaths of at least 25 patients through the administration of large doses of fentanyl. The doctor, who was officially fired back in December, had been working for a hospital system since 2013. Eventually, it came to light that he was giving large doses of fentanyl to patients who were often critically ill or unconscious. This action, according to prosecutors, likely hastened the deaths of all the patients. Once these facts were brought to the surface, a criminal investigation ensued. On Wednesday, authorities took him into custody.


Police Locate Hit-and-Run Suspect with Help of Social Media

SUSPECT: Dwayne Drayton

CHARGES: Hit-and-Run


THE DETAILS: According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a hit-and-run suspect was taken into custody after he posted a picture of his car’s damage onto his social media page. Authorities said the suspect claimed he had hit a deer and posted an image of his disabled vehicle. Despite his claims, police recognized the vehicle as one that fit the description of a car that had fled from a fatal crash scene recently. After further investigations, police discovered DNA matching the victim on the suspect’s windshield. Now, the suspect is being charged with the fatal hit-and-run. It’s also likely that he’ll get charged with destroying evidence and fleeing the scene of a fatal crash.