Suspects Accused of Killing 7 in Alabama Apprehended in Oregon

SUSPECTS: John Michael Legg and Fredric Allen Rogers

CHARGES: Capital murder


THE DETAILS: Two men, John Legg and Fredric Rogers, have been apprehended in Oregon after the FBI tailed them for several days. According to authorities, the two suspects are accused of killing seven individuals in Alabama earlier this month. Both suspects participated in a club named the “Seven Deadly Sins.” It’s unclear what role the club played in the deaths, but both suspect reportedly shot seven victims earlier this month. Three of those victims were also believed to be members of the “Seven Deadly Sins” club, while the other victims had no relation to the club. One of the victims was a minor. While the two suspects have no prior criminal record, they’re now each facing several capital murder charges.


2 Arrested After Kidnapping and Assaulting Adult Male

SUSPECT: Ariel Dupuis

CHARGES: Criminal liability to kidnapping and robbery


THE DETAILS: On Saturday night, police in Manchester received a call from a victim who claimed he had just escaped a brutal kidnapping and assault. According to the victim, he was taken from his home at knifepoint on Friday by a male and female duo. The suspects took his phone and wallet before driving him around town. Later, they bound the victim’s hands and feet to a tree. They assaulted him before leaving him stranded. Luckily, the victim was able to break free and call the cops. He knew the suspects, so identifying them was easy. The male was arrested Saturday, while his female accomplice was apprehended on Sunday.


Corruption Investigation Leads to the Arrest of Councilman Jose Huizar

SUSPECT: Jose Huizar

CHARGES: Money laundering, extortion and corruption


THE DETAILS: On Tuesday, a long-term investigation into corruption finally led to the arrest of councilman Jose Huizar, who has been a part of the political scene for almost 20 years. Those who have followed the councilman’s past have expected him to get arrested for some time now. According to sources close to the Huizar investigation, the councilman was reportedly running an illegal pay-to-play real estate scheme. Developers were forced into giving bribes and donations to Huizar’s campaign in order to get their projects approved. All the while, the politician used those donations to fund his gambling habit, plane travel and eating out.


Suspect Arrested After Vandalizing Statue of Late President Andrew Jackson

SUSPECT: Danilo Quilaton

CHARGES: Criminal mischief and possession of marijuana


THE DETAILS: As protesters across the nation take aim at historical statues, police forces are taking a stand. A few days ago, President Trump tweeted out that he has given the police the authority to begin arresting individuals who are accused of vandalizing or destroying historical statues. Now, suspects across the country are getting arrested for just that. One such individual, Danilo Quilaton, was caught attempting to spray paint on a statue of the late President Andrew Jackson. He was attempting to spray paint “slave owner” on the statue, which is located near the Jacksonville Landing. When witnesses saw what he was doing, they called the police. Once police responded, they discovered marijuana in the suspect’s bag. He was also carrying a book about anarchy. Just one day later, another unidentified person continued to deface the statue. No arrests were made the second time.


Police Officer From New York Arrested After Using Chokehold During Arrest

SUSPECT: David Afanador

CHARGES: Strangulation and attempted strangulation


THE DETAILS: Due to the recent protests against police brutality, several states have enacted new laws to protect citizens accused of committing crimes. New York state and city just recently passed a new law that specifically addresses police officers who use chokeholds during arrests. Such actions are now considered a crime. Now, the very first New York Police officer has been charged after video emerged of him using a chokehold on a suspect. The police officer was apprehended on Thursday, but he pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. Despite his not guilty plea, a video has emerged on social media. The video shows the officer using a chokehold on a suspect. As the other officers moved in to handcuff the suspect, the victim lost consciousness. Despite that, Officer Afanador did not release his grip. A second officer was forced to pull Afanador off of the suspect. These new regulations mean that the officer could face up to seven years in prison for using the chokehold, which has been proven to be lethal in other situations. He’s also been suspended without pay.