New Details Emerge in Murder Case: Suspect May Have Been A Victim of Kidnapping

SUSPECT: Anthony Templet

CHARGES: No Formal Charges at this time


THE DETAILS: New details have emerged in a strange homicide case involving a 17-year-old teenager from Louisiana. The police first became involved in the situation after Anthony, the suspect, reached out to 911 on June 3rd. He admitted to police that he had shot his father at least three times after his father had come home in the middle of the night in a drunken rage. The teen was immediately taken into custody and transported to a juvenile facility. Now, new details have emerged. Templet’s sister is now telling police that his brother was actually a kidnapping victim. Templet argues that her father kidnapped him as a young boy, back in 2008, from a home in Texas. Over the years, her father reportedly abused him repeatedly. She told media outlets that her brother “had to defend himself for the last time against that evil man.” Due to these new details, no formal charges have yet been levied against Templet.


Jogger Stabbed with Scissors by Stranger on Esplanade

SUSPECT: Luis Olivo

CHARGES: Armed assault with the intent to murder, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct


THE DETAILS: A 23-year-old resident of Allston was jogging on Esplanade when she was suddenly attacked by a stranger. In broad daylight, the 37-year-old man lunged at the jogger with a pair of scissors. The attack was completely unprovoked, and the victim suffered from stab wounds to her head. After stabbing the victim, the male suspect tossed the scissors aside and ran off. Local police were not far behind. When they caught up to the suspect, they were forced to deploy a taser to bring him into custody.


Man Arrested for Stalking Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

SUSPECT: Douala Hashi

CHARGES: Stalking and violating an order of protection, criminal mischief, menacing


THE DETAILS: A man from Queens has been arrested multiple times after repeatedly stalking Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The suspect has caused such a disturbance at her office that she’s already filed an order of protection against him. His antics initially began on June 2nd when he arrived at the congresswoman’s office. He demanded to meet with her, but she wasn’t available at the time. On June 15th, he returned and became violent when he couldn’t meet with her. He was allegedly carrying a broken bottle and began destroying a camera. When approached by a security guard, the suspect sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. The police were forced to take the suspect into custody when he then barricaded himself in a closet and refused to leave until meeting with Ocasio-Cortez.


Arrest at Chicano Park Sparks Protests in San Diego

SUSPECT: Eddie Alvarez

CHARGES: Obstructing justice and resisting arrest


THE DETAILS: Eddie Alvarez is a known community activist in San Diego, so citizens were alarmed when word got out that he had been arrested. According to witnesses, the police were at Chicano Park making an unrelated arrest when they noticed the suspect filming them. An officer approached Alvarez and reportedly asked him to stop filming. Knowing his rights, Alvarez refused and told the officer that he would feel safer if he continued recording. A struggle ensued, and ultimately Alvarez was arrested. Later that evening, dozens of protesters gathered outside of the jail to demand his release.


Strange Love Triangle Leads One Identical Twin to Kill Her Sister

SUSPECT: Amanda Ramirez

CHARGES: Aggravated manslaughter


THE DETAILS: Police in New Jersey have apprehended Amanda Ramirez under the suspicion of stabbing her 27-year-old twin sister. According to authorities, the two twins were both involved romantically with one man. This strange love triangle appears to be the motivating factor behind the stabbing. A witness told authorities they saw Amanda stab her sister after both girls were loudly arguing on the porch. The witness also said it appeared the two twins had been drinking.


NY Mother Accused of Murdering 2-Year-Old Twin Daughters

SUSPECT: Tenia Campbell

CHARGES: Two counts of murder


THE DETAILS: Police in New York were on alert after receiving a 911 call at around 2:30 P.M. on June 27th. The call came from a concerned citizen who was worried about her daughter. According to the caller, her daughter was threatening to take not only her own life but the lives of her two young twin daughters. Immediately, police began searching. By 4 P.M., the woman and her daughters were located in a vehicle near Montauk County Park. The two-year-old twins were both in cardiac arrest, and they didn’t survive the ordeal. The mother did survive, and now, she’s facing double murder charges.