Car Crash Leads to Arrest of San Antonio Police Officer

SUSPECT: Jonathan Montalvo

CHARGES: Violating the conditions of a domestic violence bond


THE DETAILS: At around 6 P.M. on Sunday, authorities were called out to an area on Interstate 10 West. According to the caller, an assault was occurring inside of a gray four-door vehicle. When police showed up, they discovered the vehicle had smashed into a nearby guardrail. When they checked on the passengers inside, they found a San Antonio police officer and a 25-year-old female. The female was suffering from injuries, which she explained occurred as a result of the crash. The female also denied that any assault had occurred. Despite that, the police did some research and quickly discovered that the officer in the vehicle had a previous domestic assault charge from 2019. The assault charge involved the exact same woman that was in the car. Authorities also learned that the assault charge led to a condition that the officer wouldn’t have any contact with the woman who was in the car. As a result, officer Montalvo was arrested. He’s also been put on temporary administrative leave.


Knoxville Resident Arrested After Fleeing Two Separate Car Crashes

SUSPECT: John Jones

CHARGES: Fleeing the scene of an accident


THE DETAILS: Authorities in Knoxville were called out to the scene of an accident near Martel and Muddy Creek. Once they arrived, they found the victim’s vehicle, but the suspect was nowhere to be found. After driving down the road, the police realized the suspect must have fled down the road. In his panic, the driver smashed into an LCUB pole, which was discovered broken in half. Nearby witnesses confirmed that they saw a male suspect flee the scene of the second accident on foot. He had ducked into a nearby wooded area for cover. Authorities called out a K9 unit who helped search the area. Within a short time, the suspect was discovered. Paramedics evaluated the suspect at the scene, but he refused further medical treatment.


Woman Shot After Attempting to Steal Nazi Flag Off Oklahoma Property

SUSPECT: Alexander Feaster

CHARGES: Shooting with intent to kill, battery with a deadly weapon


THE DETAILS: According to authorities in Oklahoma, things got heated between neighbors, which led to a shooting. The suspect, Alexander Feaster, is allegedly well-known around his community for consistently displaying Nazi imagery in his yard. Many of his community members told local news stations that they were aware of the flags before this incident, and his decorations were always unpopular. The suspect was allegedly a loner who kept to himself. Neighbors confirmed that other community members have tried to steal his flags before, but he’s never been involved in a violent incident until this weekend. An unidentified woman allegedly attempted to steal the flags, and that’s when the suspect started shooting. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to a hospital. Once the police got involved, they seized the suspect’s rifle along with about fourteen other weapons found inside his home.


Man Arrested After Painting Racist Graffiti on Victim’s Car

SUSPECT: Jason Pagiluca

CHARGES: Defacement of personal property, assault, property damage for the purpose of intimidation


THE DETAILS: Racial tensions continued to rise across America this week. First, President Trump appeared to re-tweet a video that showed a supporter chanting, “white power.” Then, an armed couple appeared to intimidate a group of Black Lives Matter protesters. To top it all off, reports surfaced about a Muslim victim who experienced a racially-charged attack earlier this month. Thankfully, investigators have finally identified the culprit. The police confirmed the suspect spray-painted swastikas on the victim’s vehicle. They also discovered “white power” spray-painted on the road nearby. Upon searching the suspect’s home, the authorities found evidence that tied him directly to the crime.


Jeffrey Epstein Case Reopens as Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

SUSPECT: Ghislaine Maxwell

CHARGES: Conspiracy to sexually abuse children, perjury


THE DETAILS: Nearly one year ago, Jeffery Epstein was found deceased in his jail cell. For many advocates, Epstein’s death signaled the end of a long investigation into a supposed child sex abuse ring that the billionaire was known for running. Now, citizens and former victims are overjoyed to hear that Maxwell, one of the alleged ring-leaders, has finally been apprehended by police. She’s facing charges related to her procurement of underage children with the specific intent of allowing them to get sexually abused by Epstein and his wealthy friends. Maxwell is the first person to face charges since Epstein’s arrest. She’s also facing perjury charges after repeatedly lying under oath about Epstein’s involvement with underage children.