Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Arrested Again

SUSPECT: Jeffrey Epstein

CHARGES: Sex trafficking


THE DETAILS: For years, Jeffrey Epstein has remained a central figure and suspect in a massive international sex trafficking ring. He’s already been arrested, rearrested, and sentenced in the past, but now he’s behind bars again. These new charges are all contained in a sealed indictment. Initial reports suggest these newest charges stem from incidents that occurred in the early 2000s and involved minors as young as 14 years old.


Suspect Arrested in Murder Case Surrounding the Original Mouseketeer

SUSPECT: Daniel James Burda

CHARGES: Second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, abuse of a corpse, identity theft and criminal mistreatment


THE DETAILS: Dennis Day has been recognized publicly since he first appeared as an original Mouseketeer on “The Mickey Mouse Club.” Sadly, his own memory has faded as he aged. According to authorities, Day was reported missing in July of 2018 by his husband. His husband also suffers severe memory loss, so it’s unclear how long Day was missing before his husband realized it. It took the police nearly a year to locate Day’s body with the help of a police dog. Authorities have determined Day’s death was the result of a homicide, and they’ve arrested the suspect.


Authorities Discover Multiple Bodies After Fire: Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Matthew Wetherington

CHARGES: Murder, arson


THE DETAILS: Washington state police were horrified when they arrived at the scene of a trailer-park fire. As they combed through the scene, they discovered “multiple” bodies. They have not yet confirmed the identity of those who were killed by the fire. Who was living in the trailer prior to the accident? The suspect, 34-year-old Valerie Kambeitz and three children. The kids ranged in age from five to nine. Authorities discovered the suspect hiding in the woods nearby. He was immediately arrested under the suspicion of arson and murder.


Man Arrested on 4th of July for Impersonating a Police Officer

SUSPECT: Barry Lee Hastings, Jr.

CHARGES: Impersonating a public officer


THE DETAILS: One off-duty Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy was shocked when he got pulled over while traveling on I-4. The officer noticed the black Crown Victoria pull up next to him, so he pulled off the shoulder of the road. The suspect exited his car, approached the off-duty cop and told him he needed to slow down. Clearly suspicious, the off-duty cop began asking for credentials, which the suspect couldn’t produce. He immediately dialed 911, and the suspect fled the scene. Later, a Hillsborough County deputy spotted the suspect and his fully functional siren box and light set up. The suspect was immediately apprehended and booked into the local jail.


Alabama Man Tries to Give Inmates Cigarettes on July 4th

SUSPECT: Michael Brown

CHARGES: Promoting prison contraband and drunk driving


THE DETAILS: One man from Centre, Alabama was enjoying his freedom on July 4th when he drove past an inmate crew who were working hard. The inmates were putting up American flags all over an Alabama road to celebrate the holiday, and the suspect decided he wanted the inmates to enjoy the holiday as well. According to authorities, the suspect tossed cigarettes out of his vehicle towards the inmates. The police immediately confronted him and explained to him that inmates are not allowed to have cigarettes. The suspect confirmed that he knew it was contraband, but he wanted the inmates to enjoy the 4th of July. The police recognized the driver was drunk, so he was ultimately taken to jail.


California Man Goes on LSD Rage, Leaves 8 Injured

SUSPECT: Betai Koffi

CHARGES: Two counts of attempted murder, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon


THE DETAILS: One man in California thought he would enjoy the holidays by tripping out on LSD. Sadly, the man apparently had a very bad time. By the end of the night, the man allegedly had stabbed at least eight victims and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office was forced to shoot him to contain the situation. Initial reports suggest the suspect was staying in a home with his friends for the weekend. After taking two doses of LSD, he reportedly became so delusional that he fled his friend’s home. While wandering along the streets, he reportedly punched an innocent woman, stabbed a man with a pencil, and punched another. He then grabbed his rental vehicle and smashed into another car. Then, he smashed into a garage. He fled on foot before getting stopped by a security guard. That’s when things turned deadly. The suspect grabbed a solar landscape light with a sharp metal end. He stabbed the security guard and stole his truck. He ran over at least four pedestrians. The police were forced to shoot at the suspect through the truck. He was hit at least three times and was immediately airlifted to a hospital.