Former Mayor Arrested After Ramming Vehicle Into Nephew’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Car

SUSPECT: Phil Capitano

CHARGES: Aggravated criminal damage to property


THE DETAILS: Phil Capitano used to be the mayor of Kenner, but now he’s safely behind bars. According to authorities, the former mayor was directly involved in a domestic dispute near Clemson Street over the weekend. His nephew called him to let him know that an ex-girlfriend was at his apartment. The ex-girlfriend was allegedly attempting to take community property from Capitano’s nephew’s home. That’s when Phil arrived to help de-escalate the situation. Instead of doing so, though, he ended up escalating it further. The ex-girlfriend reportedly attempted to drive away in her vehicle, but Phil followed her in his car. He caught up with her and then slammed his car into hers in an attempt to stop her. When police arrived, Phil attempted to tell them the ex-girlfriend had stolen property from his nephew. Then, he tried to claim that the victim slammed on her breaks, which caused his car to hit hers. Ultimately, he was arrested.


KKK Leader Accused of Driving Car Through Mass of Protesters

SUSPECT: Harry H. Rogers

CHARGES: Assault, battery, attempted malicious wounding and destruction of property with intent


THE DETAILS: Protests continue to go on across the country, and tensions are climbing to dangerous levels. According to authorities, a tragic incident occurred in Richmond on Sunday afternoon. A group of peaceful protesters was allegedly expressing their concerns about police brutality when Harry Rogers showed up in his vehicle. The suspect reportedly revved up his engine before plowing through several individuals. The police were quick to respond, and that’s when Rogers admitted to being the leader of a Ku Klux Klan group in the area. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the incident. Authorities are still investigating what happened. It’s unclear whether officials will decide to pursue hate charges against the suspect or not.


NY Police Officer Arrested After Footage of Shoving Protester Goes Viral

SUSPECT: Vincent D’Andraia

CHARGES: Assault, harassment, menacing and criminal mischief


THE DETAILS: It’s no secret that police officers around the country are facing serious scrutiny after the death of George Floyd. Across the country, protesters have united to express their concerns over police brutality. In response, some officers have proven the protesters right. In one such incident, a New York City police officer was caught on camera violently shoving a woman to the ground. The woman was reportedly participating in a protest when the officer came over. He began yelling profanities before slapping the victim’s cell phone out of her hand. Next, he pushed her to the ground, which led to the victim’s head slamming into the pavement. According to the criminal complaint, the victim suffered both a seizure and a concussion. She was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. When video footage of the incident went viral, authorities decided to press charges against the officer for his excessive use of force. He turned himself in to police custody on Tuesday.


Kidnapped Victim Found Safe; Culprit Arrested in Washington

SUSPECT: Andres Hernandez

CHARGES: Kidnapping


THE DETAILS: Parents in San Antonio were ecstatic to hear that their 16-year-old daughter was located safe and sound by police in Washington state. The victim was found with a 28-year-old Texas resident who has since been charged with her kidnapping. According to police, authorities learned that the suspect and victim were in the area after an anonymous tip last week. They began searching for the duo, and they finally came across the suspect’s vehicle on Monday night. When they made contact with the suspect the next day, he was carrying a firearm. He was also with the 16-year-old victim. He was immediately taken into police custody and charged with kidnapping. According to the victim’s family, the suspect has no familial relationship with the suspect.


Police Identify Arsonist Protester From Online Video

SUSPECT: Margaret Aislinn Channon

CHARGES: Five counts of arson


THE DETAILS: Police forces around the nation have been on high alert for several weeks in a row. According to authorities in Seattle, they’ve identified and arrested a specific protester that’s accused of setting fire to multiple police cars in the area after a violent protest on May 30. The night of the protests was so chaotic that authorities weren’t able to identify who set fire to the cars that evening. Luckily for them, several videos emerged online that showed the suspect setting fire to their vehicles. On the video, the culprit can be seen using some form of accelerant to start the fires. The FBI analyzed each video very carefully, and they also watched videos of the protests on the day prior to the arsons. In footage of the protests, police identified a person who had the exact same tattoos as the arsonist. From there, they started looking at online social media profiles to find a match. After several days, they identified the person responsible based on her unique tattoos. She was taken into police custody without incident on Thursday.