Suspect Apprehended After Slaying of Arkansas Senator

SUSPECT: Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell



THE DETAILS: On June 4th, Arkansas Police were shocked to discover the deceased body of their state Senator, Linda Collins-Smith. The victim was reportedly gunned down in her own home. Police have declined to release additional information surrounding the investigation, but they did announce on Friday that they’ve apprehended a suspect. Charges against the suspect are still pending, but the police did confirm that they’re investigating the death as a homicide.


Suspect Arrested Outside of NJ Elementary School with Gun and Bullets

SUSPECT: Thomas J. Wilkie

CHARGES: Second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of hollow-point bullets and trespassing on school grounds


THE DETAILS: On Thursday, authorities in Westfield, New Jersey, received a tip that an armed man might be headed to a nearby elementary school. Immediately, the police jumped into action. Within an hour, they’d discovered a suspect sitting in his vehicle and surrounded by a firearm and bullets. The nearby school was placed on a brief lockdown while authorities apprehended the suspect. It remains unclear what motivated the man to drive to the school or whether he intended to carry out a devious plan.


Parents Discovered Man Living in Attic’s Crawlspace: Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Matthew Castro

CHARGES: Aggravated criminal trespassing and resisting arrest


THE DETAILS: One mother in Tennessee is absolutely baffled after being forced to call 911 on a suspect for the second time in less than two weeks. The 18-year-old man, Matthew Castro, continues to sneak into the crawlspace of her attic and refuses to stop trespassing. According to the suspect, the mother’s 14-year-old daughter is his ‘girlfriend’. Local police responded to the mother’s call, and they weren’t shocked to find the suspect in the attic again. The man had reportedly been in court the same day regarding an earlier charge of trespassing in the same spot.


California Costco Shooting Kills 1, Injures 2




THE DETAILS: On Friday night, an argument inside of a Southern California Costco store became violent. According to police, a suspect pulled out a firearm during the incident and began unloading bullets. At least one person was fatally struck by a bullet, while two others were injured when the shooting triggered a stampede. At least six shots were fired in all. The gunman was taken into police custody, but he did require hospitalization for his injuries. His identity has not yet been made public.


11-Year-Old Stops Home Invasion with Machete

SUSPECT: Jataveon Dashawn Hall

CHARGES: Breaking and entering, second-degree kidnapping, assaulting a child under 12 years old and interfering with emergency communications


THE DETAILS: On Friday, an 11-year-old boy was home alone when he heard a knock at his door. He went to answer the door and discovered a woman standing there. As he opened the door, a man jumped through a window and grabbed a pellet gun. He used the gun to force the youngster into a closet. The boy, though, wasn’t having any of it. He grabbed a machete and began swinging at the intruder. The machete struck the intruder in the head, and the intruder proceeded to kick the boy. Eventually, the suspect was able to grab a few items before fleeing the scene. A short time later, the suspect showed up at the hospital seeking treatment for his head wound. Authorities were alerted, and the suspect was apprehended.


Child Killed While Attempting to Sell Gaming Console Online



THE DETAILS: The parents of 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera are distraught after their son was killed while attempting to sell his Xbox online. According to the parents, their son was utilizing an online sales app to organize a meeting between an online person interested in buying his gaming console. The boy asked his father to accompany him during the sale, but the situation spiraled out of control when the father and son walked into an apparent setup. Two men were in waiting, ready to rob the victim and armed with a semi-automatic handgun. The authorities are now seeking out two suspects who they believe are in their late teens or early 20s. At the time of the incident, both suspects were wearing hoodies. The two did not get away with the Xbox. Anyone with information related to this crime should call the Gary Police Department at 219-755-3852.