Viral Uber Passenger Turns Herself Over to Police

SUSPECT: Arna Kimiai

CHARGES: Assault and battery, robbery, conspiracy, and committing a violation of health and safety code


THE DETAILS: Over the weekend, over 12 million people watched a viral video that showed a rude Uber passenger get into a confrontation with her driver. The video, which was filmed on March 7th, shows Subhakar Khadka picking up three passengers. The driver is wearing a mask, and so are two of the passengers. A few minutes into the drive, Khadka stopped the car and asked the third passenger to put on a face mask. He calmly explained that unless all three of the passengers put on masks, he wouldn’t continue to the ride. Suddenly, one of the passengers reached into the front seat and attempted to take the driver’s cellphone. While the driver was able to maintain control of his phone, the passenger started verbally attacking him. She allegedly started shouting both profanity and racial slurs before taking off her face mask. That’s when she decided to assault the driver by purposefully coughing in his face. Right after, she said “I’ve got corona.” The passenger and driver then struggle over the driver’s face mask. The passengers eventually get out of the vehicle, but they promptly sprayed the driver with pepper spray before fleeing the scene. The driver immediately called the police. Once the video footage went viral, authorities were able to identify Arna Kimiai. After issuing a warrant for her arrest, Kimiai turned herself into police custody on Sunday.


Two Men Arrested in Incident Involving Capitol Police Death on January 6

SUSPECTS: Julian Khater and George Tanios

CHARGES: Assault on a police officer along with 8 other counts


THE DETAILS: In the initial days following the January 6th Capitol riot, both the authorities and the public spent weeks trying to figure out what happened and what went wrong. Everyone was dismayed to hear that at least one Capitol Police officer, Brian Sicknick, had sustained fatal injuries during the ordeal. At first, reports announced that Sicknick had been struck with a fire extinguisher, which likely led to his death. Later, these reports turned out to be wrong. Now, authorities have arrested at least two men that they believe contributed to Sicknick’s death. The two suspects, Julian Khater and George Tanios, reportedly attacked the officer with an unknown chemical substance earlier than the fire extinguisher incident that happened later in the day. Video footage shows at least three officers reacting to some kind of irritant and rushing off to wash out their eyes with water. Separate video, which was caught on a police officer’s body cam, shows Khater spraying the substance at different officers. Officer Sicknick was reportedly targeted in both attacks. Police later told the court that they were temporarily blinded by the chemical, and that it was stronger than pepper spray and other irritants that they’d been exposed to during training. Officer Edwards, another officer that was attacked, now has lasting injuries and scarring around his eyes. It remains unclear how the spray contributed to Officer Sicknick’s death, but each of the suspects are now facing multiple criminal charges.


Man Refuses to Wear Mask in Court, Immediately Arrested

SUSPECT: Ammon Bundy

CHARGES: Failure to appear in court


THE DETAILS: Ammon Bundy was arrested last year for trespassing in the Idaho Statehouse. On Monday, he was scheduled to appear in court for the first day of his jury trial. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Idaho Supreme Court requires that anyone who enters the courthouse wear a mask. When Bundy showed up, he wasn’t wearing one. Bundy wasn’t allowed to the enter the building without putting a mask on, and he continued to refuse to wear one. The sitting judge, Judge David Manweiler, was alerted to the situation. Due to Bundy’s actions, the Judge issued a warrant for his arrest due to a failure to appear in court. Bundy was immediately arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail. Bundy’s no stranger to getting arrested and making the news, though. He helped lead the armed occupation of federal land in Oregon in 2016.


8 Victims Killed After Mass Shootings at 3 Atlanta Massage Parlors

SUSPECT: Robert Aaron Long



THE DETAILS: On Tuesday afternoon, police rushed out to a Cherokee County massage parlor in the Atlanta area after hearing reports of a shooting. When the police arrived at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor, two people had already succumbed to their gunshot wounds. Two other victims were rushed to a nearby hospital, but they also passed away a short time later. In total, four victims were declared deceased. A fifth victim was admitted to the hospital, but it’s unclear what their condition is at this point. Within 45 minutes, a second shooting was reported at another nearby business. Authorities rushed over to the spa, but before they could get there, the shooter reportedly attacked a third spa located across the street. Officers who were still at the first crime scene promptly discovered surveillance video that had captured the culprit’s face. Not long after, they found the suspect driving along in traffic. By executing a successful pit maneuver, authorities stopped the rampaging 21-year-old. Authorities are still investigating what happened, but they’ve made it clear that they don’t believe robbery or theft drove the suspect. Instead, they are investigating whether the whole ordeal was a hate crime. According to initial reports, six of the eight victims appear to be Asian.


Heavily Armed Suspect Arrested Near Vice President’s Residence

SUSPECT: Paul Murray

CHARGES: Possession of unregistered ammunition, possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, carrying a firearm outside of a business, carrying a dangerous weapon


THE DETAILS: On Tuesday morning, Paul Murray texted his mother. He told her that he was going to travel to DC to “take care of his problem.” Immediately, his mother became worried and concerned. According to the suspect’s mother, Murray often suffers from paranoid beliefs, and he was under the impression that he was going to be murdered. The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to the situation, so they reached out to DC police. In response, DC authorities issued a BOLO alert for Murray. Shortly after noon, the suspect was spotted near the Naval Observatory, which isn’t too far from the Vice President’s home. Upon making contact with Murray, he reportedly told the authorities that he was looking for the president. In response, he was immediately detained by Secret Service agents. Agents searched the man’s vehicle and were disturbed to find several weapons and tons of ammunition. He reportedly had about 113 rounds of ammunition, five magazines, and a four-foot katana-style sword. Murray was taken into custody, and he now faces multiple charges.