11-Year-Old Colorado Boy Missing for a Month, Step-Mom Arrested by Police

SUSPECT: Letecia Stauch

CHARGES: First-degree murder, child abuse resulting in death, and tampering with a dead body


THE DETAILS: Back on January 27th, 11-year-old Gannon Stauch reportedly left his home to walk unaccompanied to a friend’s house. That’s the last time anyone saw or heard from the boy according to his step-mother who reported him missing that same afternoon. For weeks, Stauch’s family hoped authorities would find the youngster, but everything came crashing down on Monday during a press conference. The authorities announced that they believed 11-year-old Gannon was no longer alive, and they confirmed that they were pressing charges against the boy’s step-mother. While authorities didn’t go into detail about what evidence led to these recent charges, they did explain that they still haven’t found the body of the youngster. Albert, Letecia’s husband, was shocked to hear about the arrest.


Californian UPS Driver Threatens Mass Shooting

SUSPECT: Thomas Andrews

CHARGES: Making criminal threats, DUI, evading police, several weapons violations


THE DETAILS: A UPS worker in California has been arrested by police after allegedly threatening to commit a mass shooting. According to authorities, the ordeal began when the suspect, Thomas Andrews, started text messaging his employer. While talking to his boss, Andrews suddenly began making statements about planning a mass shooting at their place of business, a UPS store in Sunnyvale. Rather than wait, the employer immediately reached out to the police about his employee and the messages. The police took action and decided to approach and question Andrews. When a traffic cop saw the suspect’s vehicle driving down the road, he attempted to pull him over. That’s when Andrews took off and initiated a car chase, which was eventually ended by California Highway Patrol. Authorities promptly learned that Andrews is a legally registered gun owner who reported owning one rifle and four handguns. Upon arriving at the suspect's home, they found even more evidence to suggest the UPS driver may have carried out his plans. In all, cops found five tactical-style rifles, three handguns, a shotgun, about 20,000 rounds of ammunition and body armor. They also discovered a tactical backpack full of supplies right next to the suspect’s front door.


Six-Year-Old Passes Away in Flagstaff, 3 Adults Arrested After Abuse Uncovered

SUSPECTS: Anthony Jose Archibeque-Martinez, Ann Marie Martinez, Elizabeth Archibeque-Martinez

CHARGES: First-degree felony homicide, two counts of child abuse


THE DETAILS: On Monday afternoon, authorities in Flagstaff received an alert about an unresponsive child. Emergency responders rushed to the scene, and they immediately began attempting to save the youngster. Despite their efforts, the six-year-old was declared dead at the scene. Paramedics attempting to save him noticed that he looked very malnourished for his age. There was also another seven-year-old child at the scene. Due to the situation, officers began investigating what happened. They soon learned that the parents and grandmother often punished the two kids by locking them in the closet and denying them access to food. Authorities estimated that the six-year-old had been trapped in the closet for over a month before he passed away. All three adults were arrested and the child was taken into state custody.


Former NHL Star Arrested for Public Intoxication and Assault

SUSPECT: Matthew Barnaby

CHARGES: Public intoxication and assault


THE DETAILS: Anyone who is an NHL fan likely recognizes the name Matthew Barnaby. This former hockey star played on seven different teams for over 14 seasons, but now his reputation is at risk. According to Nashville police, Barnaby was drinking at Nashville Crossroads bar during the early hours on March 5th. Witnesses saw the suspect get into a minor altercation with his girlfriend, but the former hockey player took out his rage on a nearby bouncer. The bouncer later told authorities that Barnaby chocked him. By 1 A.M., the suspect was being booked into a local jail. This recent arrest isn’t Barnaby’s first run-in with the law, though. Records indicate he was charged with a DWI in 2011. He was also temporarily accused of several crimes by his ex-wife who later decided to drop the charges.


Pleasure P Arrested for Battery After Incident at Checkers

SUSPECT: Pleasure P

CHARGES: Battery


THE DETAILS: The R&B rapper Pleasure P, who was formerly a member of Pretty Ricky, was arrested at around 5 A.M. in Miami. According to authorities, the rapper was involved in an incident with employees at a Checkers restaurant. The female employee alleges that Pleasure P began yelling at her as he was driving up to the window to pick up his order. He was still yelling when he decided to exit his vehicle and go up to the window on foot. He gave the employee money, and she provided him with his food. Then, he suddenly pushed her maliciously with the food he just got. She called the cops. Once they arrived, they immediately noticed alcohol on his breath. He also admitted to getting into a verbal altercation and throwing food.