NYPD Officer Arrested Over the Weekend for Discharging Weapon Into the Ocean

SUSPECT: David Afanador

CHARGES: Illegal and unsafe discharge of a weapon


THE DETAILS: Concerned witnesses were disturbed when they noticed a distressed individual on the boardwalk in Long Beach at around 7 A.M. on Sunday. The suspect in question allegedly started discharging his weapon into the ocean, so witnesses promptly called 911. When authorities arrived at the scene, they realized the suspect in question was an NYPD police officer. Despite his occupation, the officer was arrested for illegally discharging his firearm in public. Officer David Afanador is no stranger to being on the other side of the law, though. Last year, he made national headline news for being one of the first NYPD officers charged with using an illegal chokehold during an arrest.


Woman Found Deceased in South Beach Hotel, 2 Men Arrested

SUSPECTS: Evoire Collier and Dorian Taylor

CHARGES: Credit card fraud, burglary with battery, sexual battery, petty theft


THE DETAILS: Authorities in Florida have been very busy over the past weekend. Authorities say hundreds of individuals on spring break have descended on the state, and many of the party-goers aren’t abiding by Covid-19 restrictions. As a result, the police have been on high alert. Last month,police discovered a 24-year-old victim, later identified as Christine Englehart, deceased in a hotel room. Englehart was reportedly enjoying a spring break vacation when the tragedy happened. Police began investigating, and that’s when they discovered surveillance video that shows the night Englehart passed away. At about 1 A.M. on March 18th, two men are seen on tape helping the victim through the hotel lobby and into a room. About half an hour later, both men are seen exiting the hotel alone. Based on the security footage, authorities don’t believe Englehart had given consent to any sexual activity, but it appears that something happened according to autopsy reports. It also became clear that the victim’s cash and credit cards were stolen by the two men. The credit cards remained active even after the victim passed away. Now, both men have been arrested and accused of drugging and raping the young woman on spring break. While investigations are still underway, both men could get charged with manslaughter or murder if investigators can prove they supplied the drugs which played a role in the victim’s death.


Rapper YoungBoy Apprehended After K9 Unit Deployed

SUSPECT: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden

CHARGES: Possession of schedule one drugs, manufacturing and distribution of schedule two drugs


THE DETAILS: Authorities have confirmed that rapper YoungBoy has been taken into federal custody along with several other individuals on drug trafficking and possession charges. Authorities also say that the suspect was found thanks to their K9 unit. The whole ordeal started when police received a firearms tip from a concerned citizen. They followed up on the lead, and that’s where they found a large group of individuals and the illegal substances. Police immediately set up a perimeter around the area, and that’s when YoungBoy reportedly attempted to flee in his vehicle. When he saw the police presence, he got out of his car and fled on foot. That’s when authorities deployed their K9s. One K9 successfully sniffed out YoungBoy, who was reportedly not harmed by the animal. A firearm was found in the suspect’s car, but it remains unclear whether it belonged to the suspect or not.


Boulder Shooter Kills 10 at Supermarket: Suspect in Custody After Hospital Release

SUSPECT: Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

CHARGES: Mass murder


THE DETAILS: On Monday, shoppers at a Boulder supermarket were peacefully shopping when all of the sudden Ahmad Alissa appeared at the store. The suspect reportedly showed up at the Kroger at around 2:30 PM and pulled out an AR-15 rifle. A witness who lives across from the store reported seeing the individual get out of his vehicle before indiscriminately shooting into the parking lot. Before ever reaching the store’s doors, he’d already shot someone. Moments later, he turned his attention to the Kroger shoppers. Multiple shots rang out, and several victims sustained gunshot wounds. Terrified shoppers called out to 911, and that’s when Eric Talley, a 51-year-old hero, responded to the ordeal. The officer attempted to stop the shooter’s rampage, but he was fatally wounded right inside the front door. When more officers arrived, the suspect initially barricaded himself inside. Shortly later, he surrendered to police with what appeared to be an injury to his leg. The shooter was taken to a hospital for treatment, but he was immediately arrested and charged with mass murder upon his release. In all, ten individuals lost their lives during the shooting. Family members say that the suspect was paranoid, antisocial, and likely mentally ill.


Suspect Arrested After Entering Atlanta Publix with Six Weapons and Body Armor

SUSPECT: Rico Marley

CHARGES: Criminal attempt to commit a felony, possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony


THE DETAILS: On Wednesday, the nation was reeling over the recent gun violence in Boulder. That’s why it was even more shocking to Publix shoppers when they witnessed the suspect entering the building armed with a rifle. The suspect reportedly entered the Atlanta store openly displaying his firearm before going to the bathroom. Staff reported hearing the suspect loading weapons while he was in a stall. That’s when they called the police. Authorities were quick to respond, and they promptly took the man into custody as he was leaving the restroom. Emergency medical experts were also rushed to the scene to evaluate the suspect’s mental state. Police discovered the man’s AR-15 rifle, but that wasn’t the only weapon he had. He was also carrying a bag with a 12-gauge shotgun and four handguns. All six firearms were reportedly loaded. Marley also had on body armor and a ski mask. Thankfully, no one was injured during the ordeal. It remains unclear whether the man was actually about to carry out an attack or not.