Suspect Arrested After Violating Social Distancing Laws in Chicago Hotel

SUSPECT: Unidentified Chicago resident

CHARGES: Unlawful possession of a firearm


THE DETAILS: While the majority of the world sits at home under strict Covid-19 quarantine rules, one group of individuals in Chicago decided to gather into a single hotel room for a party. Their party lasted well into the night until one individual decided to call the police at around 2:30 A.M. on Monday. The caller reported a disturbance coming from a nearby hotel room, and they also said that one of the individuals inside appeared to have a firearm. Officers responded to the scene, and they discovered at least ten people in the room. Current social distancing measures have prohibited the gathering of more than a few people. Police made the individuals leave the area, but they also found three handguns in the hotel room, too. As a result, one suspect was arrested.


Quarantine Card Game Turns Violent

SUSPECTS: Angela Hauger and Rose Valentino

CHARGES: Domestic violence, Assault


THE DETAILS: The Covid-19 Quarantine period is ongoing, and police officers across the nation are reporting that these conditions are causing more instances of domestic violence. Two sisters in Cincinnati are accused of getting violent after attempting to play a card game. According to the police report, an argument broke out about the game and that’s when the two started hitting each other with closed fists. One of the sisters grabbed a nearby umbrella and started smashing the other’s vehicle. A male relative attempted to step in, but one of the sisters punched him as well. The police were called, and they noticed both sisters with swollen eyes. They were both arrested on charges of domestic assault.


Suspect Claims he Has Coronavirus and Coughs in Cop’s Face

SUSPECT: Anthony Ponzi

CHARGES: Two felony counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer, resisting arrest, DUI


THE DETAILS: At around 8 A.M. on Sunday, police officers in Chicago were called out to respond to a car accident. According to the caller, the suspect was driving a Jeep on the wrong side of the road and towards oncoming traffic when he smashed into a car that was driving the correct way. The caller reported that the Jeep driver jumped out of his vehicle and began attacking the innocent driver. The police rushed to the scene, and they could immediately smell alcohol on the aggressive Jeep driver’s breath. He was slurring his speech and swaying. When an officer tried to approach him, the suspect stated coughing in the officer’s face. Then, he stated he had the coronavirus. Officers brought the suspect to the hospital, but then he admitted he didn’t really have the virus.


Suspect Arrested for Licking Walmart Products During Coronavirus Pandemic

SUSPECT: Cody Lee Pfister

CHARGES: Making a terroristic threat


THE DETAILS: The Coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people scared, but one Missouri man’s actions mocked this legitimate fear of contracting the virus by creating a viral video. According to authorities, the suspect went into a Walmart store in Missouri. He then posed a question to the camera, saying, “Who’s scared of the Coronavirus?” He then immediately began licking deodorants that were on the shelf before putting them back. He later posted the video online, but he never expected it to go international. Authorities were soon flooded with calls coming from all over the world including Ireland and the UK reporting the suspect’s reckless actions. Authorities identified the culprit, and he’s now been charged with making a terroristic threat. The charges may seem extreme, but the police confirmed the suspect intentionally spread fear.


FBI Arrests Man for Peddling Fake Coronavirus Cure

SUSPECT: Keith Lawrence Middlebrook

CHARGES: Federal fraud


THE DETAILS: Federal prosecutors have been ordered to prioritize cases that involve scams around the Coronavirus. This effort has been put into place because authorities are seeing a sharp uptick in fraud-related schemes related to the novel Covid-19 virus. On March 25, the FBI arrested a South California resident who was attempting to secure investments for a fake coronavirus cure. The scam claimed to be seeking donations for a company that was working on pharmaceutical pills that would cure Covid-19. The man also alleged that they’d create an injectable cure for individuals who are currently suffering. The government confirmed that these allegations are fraudulent. The FDA is warning citizens to avoid these scams by keeping up-to-date with the latest government information. Right now, there’s no approved treatment, cure or vaccine for Covid-19.