Covid-19 Prank Leads to Serious Jail Time for Florida Man

SUSPECT: David Randolph White

CHARGES: Manufacturing, possession, sale, delivery, display, use, or attempted or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction or a hoax weapon of mass destruction


THE DETAILS: It seems like everyone is a little on edge knowing that they could contract the covid-19 virus while out in public. As fear increases, police departments throughout the nation are cracking down on any type of coronavirus-related crime. One Florida man was arrested on Sunday for intentionally trying to scare people into believing they’d contracted the virus. The suspect allegedly made a container with a visible “COVID-19” label and began approaching a local business. Then, he began spraying the liquid around the store’s entrance. As if that wasn’t enough, the suspect told patrons and the business’s staff that they were infected with the virus. Police responded, and they arrested the suspect. He’s now facing very serious first-degree felony charges.


Authorities Arrest Pastor for Intentionally Violating Social Distancing

SUSPECT: Rodney Howard-Browne

CHARGES: Unlawful assembly, violation of public health rules


THE DETAILS: Most people have learned by now that local law enforcement agencies are enforcing social distancing measures by arresting people who continue to defy them. Despite all the public health warnings, one pastor in Florida refused to stop holding megachurch services. The suspect, Rodney Howard-Browne, also tried to argue that his church had machines that would “stop” the coronavirus. After holding another huge church service over the weekend, authorities issued an arrest warrant. Upon learning the news, Rodney turned himself over to police custody. His arrest has caused a bit of a stir, though. Some activist groups are claiming that social restriction measures are a violation of the First Amendment’s freedom of religion rights. Despite these arguments, Florida State’s Attorney General confirmed that this latest arrest should be viewed as a warning to others who are hoping to break social distancing rules.


Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend Arrest for Domestic Abuse

SUSPECT: Melanie Martin

CHARGES: Domestic Violence


THE DETAILS: Police around the country are seeing an uptick in domestic violence incidents as a result of everyone being ordered to stay at home. Over the weekend, Aaron Carter had to reach out to the L.A. police department when his girlfriend reportedly became physical with him during an argument. According to authorities, the incident occurred at Carter’s home at around 11 PM on Sunday. The couple was arguing when Melanie allegedly began scratching the former singer. Authorities witnessed marks on Carter’s body when they arrived, so Melanie was taken into custody.


Another Pastor Arrested for Encouraging Mass Gatherings

SUSPECT: Tony Spell

CHARGES: Misdemeanor violation of stay-at-home order


THE DETAILS: State governments around the nation have started enforcing stay-at-home orders by making arrests. Just one day after a Floridian pastor was arrested, a pastor in Louisiana got charged, too. The suspect is accused of holding a mass gathering on Sunday where over 500 people were in attendance. While this type of activity would usually be encouraged, the coronavirus pandemic has restricted religious gatherings. According to the local police chief, he attempted to address his concerns directly with the suspect without making an arrest, but the pastor made his intention to violate the law clear. The pastor alleges that his arrest interferes with his rights to conduct services, but the police disagree.


Ten Arrested in NJ for Violating Stay-at-Home Order

SUSPECTS: Over ten suspects including a 99-year-old man

CHARGES: Violating a governor’s executive order, child endangerment


THE DETAILS: New Jersey police are cracking down hard on individuals who continue to ignore social distancing rules. Authorities were informed about an ongoing engagement party on Tuesday, so they responded to the event. When they arrived, they found several individuals partying in a front lawn. They also found several children playing together, too. As a result, ten individuals including a 99-year-old man were slapped with criminal charges. According to authorities, the adults in this situation clearly put the children at risk of catching COVID-19. As a result, several adults were also charged with child endangerment. Governor Phil Murphy responded to the incident and told his constituents, “NO CORONA PARTIES.” He also confirmed that police would respond to these types of parties and crash them. He furthered that all gathering should be put on hold including birthday parties, weddings, and funerals. Individuals found breaking the executive order could face fines of up to $500.