Man Wanted for 5 Murders Arrested

SUSPECT: Sean Lannon

CHARGES: Multiple murder charges, illegal possession of a knife, burglary


THE DETAILS: The US Marshals successfully apprehended a man wanted in at least five murders on Wednesday. According to authorities, the suspect was discovered hiding out in Missouri. He was wanted for both a quadruple murder in New Mexico and a separate murder in New Jersey. The victim from New Jersey was 66-years-old and allegedly had a personal relationship with Lannon. The four victims in New Mexico included Lannon’s ex-wife. Lannon and his ex-wife had three children together, all of whom are safe and were not in Lannon’s custody. Lannon’s ex-wife and three other victims were all found together inside a parked vehicle. The vehicle was ditched in a New Mexico airport garage. Once the bodies were discovered, authorities immediately identified Lannon as a person of interest, which set off a nationwide manhunt for him.


Boulder “Party” Gets Violent

SUSPECTS: Under investigation

CHARGES: Assault on a police officer, incitement of violence

DATE OF ARREST: To be determined

THE DETAILS: Over the weekend, a large crowd of individuals gathered near the Colorado University in Boulder. At first, the gathering appeared to be a major street party, but once it got dark, things took a turn for the worst. First, some of the crowd started setting off fireworks that ended up causing property damage. Then, people started smashing windows of nearby vehicles. At one point, a big crowd flipped an entire vehicle upside down. Police officers arrived to the area a short time later, where they discovered about 500-800 “maskless” people roaming the street. Authorities promptly made an announcement for everyone to immediately leave the area or face arrest. Right after making the statement, about 100 individuals in the crowd charged the officers. Bottles, bricks, and rocks were thrown at the police, which led to at least three officers sustaining injuries. According to initial reports, no one has been arrested yet. Authorities plan to review footage of the ordeal and make prompt arrests in the coming days.


Connecticut Mom Murders 4-Year-Old Son, Tells Cops “Take Me Away”

SUSPECT: Tiffany Farrauto

CHARGES: Murder, risk of injury to a minor, criminal mischief in the third degree


THE DETAILS: In the very early hours on Sunday, Connecticut Police were called out to Nautilus Drive for a disturbance. According to witnesses, a woman was smashing a parked vehicle with a bat. When police arrived, the female suspect had fled the area, but authorities still talked with the owner of the vehicle. As they discussed the situation with the car owner, Tiffany Farrauto reportedly walked up to the authorities and told them to “take her away.” Confused, the officers asked what she meant. That’s when the 33-year-old mom calmly explained how she had strangled her four-year-old son who was located in a nearby apartment. Authorities rushed to the apartment where they found the youngster unconscious and unresponsive. CPR was given, and the child was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving. It remains unclear why the woman decided to harm her own son, smash up a nearby vehicle, and turn herself in to police custody. Investigations are underway, and anyone with information about the incident is being asked to call the New London Police Department at 860-447-1481.


Reporter Covering Recent Robberies Gets Robbed While Filming

SUSPECT: Ronald Whitten

CHARGES: Possession of stolen property


THE DETAILS: Recently, a news reporter in California was robbed at gunpoint while filming a segment. According to initial reports, the journalist was covering a recent string of robberies when the incident occurred. Don Ford, the reporter, was in Twin Peaks interviewing different homeowners in the area about the recent break ins. He was just about to ask a resident some questions when a white sedan allegedly pulled up next to him. Suddenly, three men jumped out of the car and put a firearm in Ford’s face. The suspects allegedly took the journalist’s camera. The nearby homeowner witnessed the whole ordeal but didn’t step in because they were in fear of getting shot. The men fled, and authorities were called. That’s when the police learned that the camera had a location tracker on it. Not even half an hour after it was stolen, the police tracked down the camera and one of the suspects. Ronald Whitten, a resident of San Francisco, has been taken into police custody.


Police Deploy Tear Gas to End Vehicle Pursuit, 9-Year-Old Hops Out of Car

SUSPECT: Margaret Hassan

CHARGES: Felony evading, assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment


THE DETAILS: On Tuesday afternoon, authorities were called out to an area in Los Angeles after witnesses reported seeing a vehicle striking a pedestrian. According to witnesses, the suspect’s vehicle slammed into the bystander multiple times, and the incident didn’t appear to be an accident. The police arrived, and that’s when the suspect took off in their car. In an attempt to evade the police, the suspect slammed into several other vehicles. Police officers attempted to stop the woman by using PIT maneuvers twice, but both times the woman was able to regain control of her car and continue the pursuit. After a short time, the driver rear-ended another car, which left her vehicle disabled. That’s when the suspect barricaded herself in the car, which led to a police standoff that would last for hours. Eventually, authorities decided to use drone technology to deploy tear gas into the vehicle. When they did, they were shocked and disturbed when a nine-year-old child jumped out of the car and rushed over to a SWAT officer. No one was aware that the youngster was in the vehicle. The tear gas also led the suspect out of the car. She was immediately apprehended and taken to a hospital for evaluation. Her child was also taken to the hospital before being released to Children and Family Services.