Police Arrest “Person of Interest” in FL Hotel Murder

SUSPECT: Kevin Doswell

CHARGES: Grand theft of an automobile, battery on a law enforcement officer


THE DETAILS: At around 11 A.M. on Saturday, cleaning staff at the River Palm Hotel stumbled upon a deceased body in one of their rooms. They immediately reached out to authorities who started investigating the situation. Police identified the victim as Michael Sumner, and they also found information that connected the victim to Kevin Doswell. Doswell shared a business truck with the victim, and the truck had last been seen at the hotel. The owner reported the truck as stolen. By Sunday, authorities located the vehicle in a parking lot but didn’t make any moves until they spotted Doswell walking back towards it. At that point, they ordered the suspect to the ground. He allegedly became unruly and attempted to hit one of the officers. Now, he’s been placed under arrest. Currently, he’s only facing two charges that are unrelated to the victim’s murder, but authorities could add additional charges later as more evidence gets uncovered.


Triple Homicide Suspect Arrested in Knoxville

SUSPECT: Desmon Paul Rhea

CHARGES: Triple homicide, violation of probation


THE DETAILS: In the early hours of Sunday morning, police discovered a deceased woman along a roadway in West Knoxville. Authorities immediately ruled her death a homicide, as it was clear she had multiple gunshot wounds on her torso. Just a few short hours later, authorities were called out to a nearby house where they found two more victims deceased from gunshot wounds. They also discovered the suspect lurking around the residence. He was briefly questioned and then arrested for violating the terms of his probation. According to court records, the suspect’s prior crime involved aggravated assault against the mother of his child. He’s also been convicted in the past for unlawfully possessing a firearm.


Infamous Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Arrested for DUI

SUSPECT: Alex Jones

CHARGES: Driving while intoxicated


THE DETAILS: Late on Monday evening, police in Texas received a call about a disturbance at a residence. Authorities responded to the scene, and that’s when they realized they were at the home the infamous Alex Jones. As they approached the home, they saw a vehicle speeding at about 45 mph in a 40 mph zone, so the car was stopped. The deputy immediately recognized the person as Alex Jones, and they also could smell alcohol on his breath. When questioned, Jones told the officers that he and his wife had gotten into an argument while eating at a sushi restaurant. He claimed he smelled like alcohol because he had chugged an entire bottle of sake. Jones’ wife, however, claimed the argument had gotten physical. The legal limit for a DUI in Texas is 0.08, but Jones’ breathalyzer showed he was under this threshold. He was tested twice where his readings came back as .076 and .079. Despite being under the limit, he was taken to jail and charged anyway.


Father Arrested After Shooting Himself and 5-Year-Old Son

SUSPECT: Avis Lynn Wingler Jr.

CHARGES: criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury, neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury


THE DETAILS: On March 4th, Avis Wingler Jr. was supervising his five-year-old child at their home. Just before midnight, the suspect began handling his handgun, which was unknowingly loaded. Suddenly, the weapon discharged unexpectedly, and the bullet shot through the suspect’s leg. The bullet didn’t stop there, though. It went entirely through the Avis’ leg and then struck his son in the leg, too. The duo showed up to a hospital in Seymour a short time later. Both were treated for their injuries and released, but the authorities were alerted about what happened. When the police started to investigate, they uncovered video footage of the whole ordeal from the home’s security system. While they haven’t released too many details, they have confirmed that the suspect chose to withhold medical care to his son while he instead attempted to clean up his own mess. The tapes indicate Avis was more concerned about altering the scene of the incident to conceal what happened rather than rushing out to the hospital. It was only once a relative arrived at the home that the youngster received any type of care at all. It’s believed the relative convinced Avis to go to the hospital. After a week of investigating, the authorities arrested and charged the father for his reckless behavior.


Father and Baby Have 3-Hour Standoff with Police in Berkeley

SUSPECT: Eduardo Valdez

CHARGES: Child cruelty, felony drug violations, suspicion of firearm possession


THE DETAILS: In the early hours of Thursday morning, authorities in Berkeley were informed about a potential shooting situation outside of an apartment complex. When authorities arrived, they found evidence suggesting a gun had been fired recently, so an investigation was initiated. The police attempted to make contact with individuals inside the apartment, but the suspects instead decided to lock themselves inside. The police tried to coax them out over the loudspeaker, but the suspects refused to listen. A three-hour standoff followed until two men and a young baby finally emerged from the apartment at around 3:30 A.M. The baby was only 9-months-old. Inside, authorities discovered several firearms, drugs and ammunition. The child was later released to his mother.