GA Man Accused of Terrorism After Threatening to Hurt Protesters

SUSPECT: Rashawn Smith

CHARGES: Dissemination of information relating to terrorist acts


THE DETAILS: The murder of Ahmaud Arbery has caused an uproar across the nation. According to authorities, the whole ordeal was caught on tape, which has resulted in a lot of outrage and differing opinions. A white male and his son both saw a black male running down the road, and they assumed he was a burglar up to no good. When they confronted him, a small altercation broke out, and eventually, shots were fired. Now, the population is divided over whether the fatal shooting was a case of justified self-defense or outright racism. As a result, many are protesting. The suspect, Rashawn Smith, is accused of threatening these protestors online. Authorities say the suspect intentionally created a Facebook account to post a hoax threat against individuals attempting to protest Arbery’s death. That’s when cops took notice and arrested him. Now, Smith is facing terrorism-related charges for his inconsiderate actions.


Ink Master Star Arrested After Car Crash Kills Passenger

SUSPECT: Daniel Silva



THE DETAILS: On Sunday night, Daniel Silva, a tattoo artist that’s been featured on “Ink Master,” was driving in his 2020 McLaren 600LT. He was riding along with a 25-year-old passenger, who has not yet been identified by authorities. Silva reportedly was joy-riding and speeding before he ignored a stop sign and slammed into a nearby tree. According to police, Silva allegedly attempted to get out of his vehicle and flee the scene of the accident. Nearby witnesses stopped him and made him stay until authorities arrived. Once police did appear, they found the passenger had sustained fatal injuries, and the person was declared dead. Now, Silva’s being charged with murder for his reckless actions behind the wheel.


FBI Takes Down Suspect After Bomb Threats Posted to Twitter

SUSPECT: Joseph Todd Kowalczyk

CHARGES: Transmitting a threat to injure


THE DETAILS: A 20-year-old man from Macomb County is now facing serious terrorism charges after making some distasteful jokes on Twitter. The FBI was forced to respond after the suspect reportedly tagged them in several tweets in which he referenced bombs, illegal weapons, and the Waco, Texas massacre. They apprehended the suspect on Tuesday despite Kowalczyk denying owning any weapons or bombs. While there doesn’t appear to be evidence that the threats were serious, the FBI is still deciding to move forward with the charges. According to police reports, when FBI agents confronted the man on Monday he reportedly told the agents he was “testing the government.” The suspect also told the agents he was surprised that it took them so long to respond to the threat. After promising not to post any more tweets, the suspect did it again shortly after agents left his home. In the tweet, he criticized the FBI’s response and joked about wasting their time. He continued tweeting on Tuesday up until agents decided to arrest him and press charges.


SC Suspect Arrested After Bomb Threat to NASCAR’s Darlington Raceway

SUSPECT: Michael Donovan Avin

CHARGES: Attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction


THE DETAILS: A lot of sports fans have been disappointed as a result of Covid-19. NASCAR was also postponed, but the season is finally set to restart on May 17th. According to authorities, the Darlington Raceway started receiving threatening messages on April 27th. The caller reportedly threatened that he had an explosive device. Details haven’t been made public yet, but another location in Darlington County also reported that the same individual called them and said they had access to 125 tons of bomb-making material. It’s unclear what the caller’s intentions were because the NASCAR race won’t have a live audience. Either way, police identified the suspect and he’s been arrested on terrorism-related charges.


Suspect Goes on Violent Rampage in California

SUSPECT: Sergio Rodriguez

CHARGES: Multiple charges related to stabbing and shooting multiple victims


THE DETAILS: Police in Rancho Cucamonga, California, were stunned when they received reports of a mad-man going on a violent rampage through the city. Early on Wednesday, officers responded when they received a call that the suspect had allegedly shot at another car multiple times. While firing away wildly, he reportedly struck a car’s tire. Then, the suspect took off in his vehicle. The rampage didn’t end there, though. The suspect continued to drive recklessly until he hit another person’s car. That driver pulled over to the side of the road, and the suspect then approached him with a knife. He stabbed the other driver multiple times before getting back into his own car and fleeing the scene. Shortly later, he intentionally rammed yet another car, which caused the vehicle to slam into another car. When that person stopped, the suspect tried to stab him, too. Eventually, Rodriguez abandoned his car. Police caught up with him, but Rodriguez attempted to slash the officer with a box cutter. Police were forced to use shoot the suspect in the leg to get him to stop resisting. At least nine victims were injured during the rampage.