NYPD Officer Hires Hitman for Ex-Husband and 12-Year-Old

SUSPECT: Valerie Cincinelli

CHARGES: Attempting to hire someone to commit murder


THE DETAILS: A NYPD Police officer has just made national headlines after attempting to hire a hitman to kill off her estranged husband and a 12-year-old child. According to reports, the alleged hitman was actually an FBI informant, so the authorities have obtained ample evidence of the suspect’s plans. Originally, the officer hoped the hitman would murder the two innocent victims and then stage the scene to look like a robbery.


Abandoned Tiger’s Owner Identified and Arrested

SUSPECT: Brittany Garza

CHARGES: Animal cruelty


THE DETAILS: Several months ago, the nation was shocked when news reports surfaced about authorities discovering an abandoned tiger in a vacant home. A stoner’s 911 call eventually led police to the shocking scene. Now, the person responsible has finally been identified and arrested. The culprit, Garza, claims she has cared for the tiger since it was a cub. When the cub got too big, she arranged for an animal sanctuary to pick him up. She alleges that the tiger was caged at the vacant home while awaiting transport.


Suspect Apprehended for Murdering Girlfriend’s 15-Year-Old Child

SUSPECT: Andy McCauley



THE DETAILS: Authorities in West Virginia found the partially decomposed body of 15-year-old Riley Crossman. The victim had been discarded near a rural mountain road. According to the police, Andy McCauley, the boyfriend of Riley’s mother, has been a suspect “since day one.” Riley’s mother reported her daughter as missing. Her mother reported that she didn’t see her daughter the morning of her disappearance, but that didn’t spark concern. Usually, her daughter left for school at around 7:15 A.M., so she assumed Riley had already left for school. It wasn’t until the school called later reporting that Riley had been absent that her mother became suspicious. That’s when she called 911. The investigation remains ongoing, and authorities have not yet released any additional details.


Former Disney Employee Accused of Stealing $14,000 Worth of Costumes

SUSPECT: Patrick Allen Spikes

CHARGES: Burglary, grand theft and trafficking in stolen property


THE DETAILS: One former employee of Disney World has been apprehended after allegedly stealing various costumes and memorabilia from his place of employment and attempting to sell them online. Authorities initially became suspicious when Disney reported a specific costume as missing and then they found a post online about the suit. Investigators began looking into the online account and eventually identified Patrick Spikes as the culprit. While the suspect initially tried to deny the claims, the police reportedly found several strange PayPal transactions and photographs of stolen items on his phone.