Authorities Arrest Doctor After His Wife’s Body is Discovered Near Their Home

SUSPECT: Ingolf Tuerk



THE DETAILS: Ingolf Tuerk is a urologist who resides in Massachusetts. He’s had run-ins with the law before, as he’s been accused of fraud. This time, though, he’s facing murder charges. According to authorities, the suspect’s wife was found deceased on Saturday night. The police had already been notified about her disappearance when they stumbled upon her body. It remains unclear what led authorities to believe the victim’s death was a murder, but they arrested the doctor the following day. He’s currently being held without bail.


Police Apprehend 3 Suspects Using Counterfeit Cash

SUSPECTS: Jerrold Merriwether, David Mitchell and Zion Millette-Selby

CHARGES: Fraud and counterfeit offenses


THE DETAILS: At around 5 PM on Sunday, authorities were called out to a Rite Aid Pharmacy. According to the staff members, a group of individuals had shopped at their store and then paid with counterfeit money. Thankfully, the store’s security cameras captured the suspect’s vehicle and license plates. The police saw the vehicle, but it slammed into the front of their cruiser when they attempted to make contact with the suspects. The individuals fled via car, and a police pursuit began. The group attempted to keep circling the mall area, and eventually, they were boxed in by police cars. All three suspects were arrested, and authorities also recovered the counterfeit money


Jeep Event in Texas Leads to Mass Arrests, Two People Shot

SUSPECTS: Over 180 individuals

CHARGES: Several charges – assault, DWI, public intoxication, driving without a seat belt


THE DETAILS: Not many people have enjoyed the enforced quarantine over the past few months. Most of us are itching to get back to our regular way of life after being cooped up for far too long. While these feelings are understandable, we must continue to obey the law once we do have the freedom to get out of the house again. Unfortunately for many Texans, that wasn’t the case over the weekend. Over the weekend, thousands of Texans gathered for an event called “Go Topless Jeep Weekend,” but many of them took their freedoms way too far. According to authorities, the police were forced to make over 180 arrests for reckless behavior. Many individuals were drinking and driving, while others were disobeying traffic laws. Among the confusion, a man and woman got into an altercation. At some point, two individuals were shot in the torso, and they both had to be hospitalized. The police are still searching for the suspect who is accused of firing off bullets before fleeing the scene.


American Arrested: Faces Extradition to Japan After Helping Nissan CEO Flee Country

SUSPECT: Michael Taylor

CHARGES: Extradition to Japan after helping convict escape country


THE DETAILS: According to the Assistant US Attorney General, Michael Taylor and his son helped pull off one of the most well-orchestrated escapes from justice in recent history. The suspect, Michael Taylor, is accused of helping Carlos Ghosen, a former Nissan chief executive, escape from Japan. At the time, Ghosn had been arrested for financial crimes and released on bail. While awaiting his trial, Taylor reportedly hid the suspect in a large black box. Then, he put the box in his private jet and helped Ghosn make his way out of the country. At this point, Ghosn is residing in Lebanon, which is a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Japan. Peter Taylor, the suspect’s son, was allegedly planning on escaping to Lebanon the day he was apprehended by police.


Third Suspect Arrested After Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

SUSPECT: William “Roddie” Bryan

CHARGES: Felony murder and attempt to commit false imprisonment


THE DETAILS: Back in late February, an altercation between neighbors and Ahmaud Arbery resulted in the fatal shooting of Arbery. According to officials, people in the neighborhood witnessed Arbery jogging through the neighborhood. When they did, they assumed the man had committed some kind of crime. As a result, they attempted to detain and stop Arbery, but ultimately ended up shooting him. While the father and son duo who chased down and shot Arbery have already been arrested, now a third suspect has gotten charged, too. The police say Roddie Bryan was the man who filmed the whole ordeal. Initially, he claimed that he was only a witness to the ordeal. Now, authorities suspect he played a role in falsely detaining Arbery before the shooting. He reportedly attempted to block Arbery while he was running so that the father and son duo could confront him. Despite Bryan denying any involvement, the police, Arbery’s family, and Arbery’s legal team all believe he played a significant role in the crime.