Former Manager of Famous Stan Lee Arrested After Alleged Elder Abuse Incident

SUSPECT: Keya Morgan

CHARGES: False imprisonment, grand theft from an elder and misdemeanor elder abuse


THE DETAILS: Keya Morgan was formerly working as a business manager for Stan Lee, the famous creator of Marvel Comics, before Lee passed away. Now, authorities have announced that there’s ample evidence proving that Morgan was financially abusing Lee and his status. The police believe he stole money from autograph signing sessions and even falsely imprisoned Lee during an incident in June of 2018. It’s also been revealed that Lee had filed a restraining order against Morgan before his death.


Dating App Fraud Scams Dozens of Women

SUSPECT: Wilson Edward Jackson

CHARGES: Identity theft, grand theft auto and fraud


THE DETAILS: If you’re using Tinder or other apps to find potential mates, then it’s important to be aware of the types of scams that are out there. Recently, Wilson Jackson was arrested after using such dating apps to woo women romantically before scamming them out of cash or other goods. The scammer would allegedly invite the women to his home, sneak their phone away from them and then gather information like credit card numbers and banking info. Authorities believe Jackson has scammed at least eight different women out of thousands of dollars.


Two Arrested in China After California Resident Found Dismembered

SUSPECTS: Douglas Lomas and Stephanie Ching

CHARGES: Homicide

THE DETAILS: Authorities received an alert from concerned family members when 73-year-old Benedict Ching didn’t show up to work, so they decided to initiate a well-check on the gentlemen. When they showed up to his home, however, they discovered his dismembered body. Authorities immediately suspected foul play. Soon, they learned that Stephanie Ching and Douglas Lomas were attempting to flee the country. When the couple landed in Beijing, Homeland Security Agents immediately flew them back to the U.S. and charged them both with homicide.


Black-Market Marijuana Bust

SUSPECTS: 42 individuals

CHARGES: Cultivating 100 or more marijuana plants, Cultivating more than 1,000 marijuana plants


THE DETAILS: Dozens of agencies worked together to pull off the largest black-market marijuana bust in Colorado’s history. Overall, 4,500 pounds of marijuana were seized from various locations. Authorities also discovered an overwhelming 80,000 marijuana plants. While commenting on the incident, U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn, explained how Colorado has become the “epicenter” of illegal marijuana sales over the past several years.


NJ Teen Violently Arrested, Protests Ensue

SUSPECT: Cyprian Luke

CHARGES: Resisting arrest, previous arrest warrant for domestic assault


THE DETAILS: Video emerged over the last week of one NJ officer violently arresting a 19-year-old who allegedly had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence. The suspect’s arrest captured the attention of local citizens and many are calling the whole ordeal “disturbing.” The video begins with the 19-year-old boy on the ground. His face becomes increasingly red as the officer chokes him. The officer then yells out the stereotypical “Stop resisting!” Then, the officer punches the boy twice in the temple area. As he’s taken to the cruiser, it’s apparent the boy’s face is bloody and bruised. Now, protests are forming due to the blatant excessive force used in the incident. The officer has been placed on administrative leave, and the youngster is scheduled to have a CT scan.


Grandma Arrested in Disney World Arguing Wrongful Arrest

SUSPECT: Hester Burkhalter

CHARGES: Possession of CBD oil


THE DETAILS: Last month, the story of a grandma arrested for possessing CBD oil at the famous Walt Disney World theme park went viral. Now, the victim of the arrest is arguing the whole ordeal is a classic case of wrongful arrest. The officer’s body cam footage, which was recently made public, appears to back up grandma’s point of view. Here are the facts behind what happened:

Disney security discovered CBD oil in the woman’s purse

Burkhalter proved that her doctor had suggested CBD oil to treat arthritis symptoms and claimed she had a prescription

In Florida, it’s only illegal to possess CBD oil if the person doesn’t have a prescription

Security tested the CBD oil for THC twice

One officer can be heard saying that if it doesn’t test positive for THC, the officers should return the oil to the suspect and release her

Both tests proved the oil had no traces of THC

Someone on video can be heard saying “This doesn’t contain THC. It’s not criminal to have that.”

The suspect was ultimately arrested anyway

Now, Burkhalter is asking Walt Disney World and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to apologize. Despite that, officers have refused to apologize and instead claimed they couldn’t comment due to pending litigation regarding the issue.