Utah Resident Accused of Murdering His Tinder Date

SUSPECT: Ethan Hunsaker



THE DETAILS: Police in Layton, Utah were both disturbed and confused when a resident called 911 to report he had murdered someone. On Sunday, authorities rushed out to the scene where they found the suspect calmly waiting for them. Ethan Hunsaker was inside a residence near the deceased body of a 25-year-old woman. The victim appeared to have numerous stab wounds around her torso. The suspect admitted to police that he knew the deceased woman because he’d just met her the night before. The two had matched on the dating app Tinder. The suspect didn’t give any further clues into why he decided to murder the woman, but authorities confirmed that the attack appeared to be unprovoked. Now, Hunsaker has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.


Boston Protestor Goes Too Far, Gets Arrested

SUSPECT: Daniel Lucey



THE DETAILS: As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans have been forced out of work, kept home from school and ordered to stay at home for weeks. It’s no surprise that many individuals have a lot of pent up frustration and rage due to their confinement. Despite that, it’s so important not to take your frustrations out on innocent individuals as Daniel Lucey did over the weekend. According to authorities, the suspect was participating in a protest when his actions went way too far. He reportedly lit an American flag on fire and then threw it atop a nearby police cruiser. When officers tried to confront him about his actions, he allegedly spat on the officer’s shoes. At that point, police officers had no choice but to take the man to jail. Now, he’s facing multiple charges.


Controversial and Fatal Arrest Leads to Investigation, 4 Officers Fired

SUSPECT: George Floyd

CHARGES: Forgery


THE DETAILS: On Monday evening, Minneapolis police officers were called out to investigate a suspect accused of forgery. What transpired next has left a horrible feeling in the pits of most American’s stomachs, and the official narrative doesn’t seem to match up with video footage that’s circulating online. According to the police department, the suspect, George Floyd was initially found sitting on top of a blue car. Floyd allegedly appeared to be under the influence. Despite this assertation, video footage shows at least two officers dragging Floyd out of his vehicle. Next, authorities say that Floyd physically resisted the officers and he appeared to be in some sort of “medical distress.” Authorities say they immediately called for an ambulance to respond to the scene, but video footage shows a police officer resting his knee on top of the suspect’s neck for several minutes. Floyd reportedly called out, “I can’t breathe,” as bystanders urged the officers to allow the man to take a breath. Within a few minutes, Floyd became unresponsive. He was later ruled deceased, and the authorities claimed a “medical incident” caused his death. After footage appeared online, authorities started an internal investigation. All four officers involved in the incident have since been fired. Hundreds of individuals have begun protesting across the nation in support of the renewed black lives matter movement.


Six-Day Manhunt Ends with Arrest of Murder Suspect

SUSPECT: Peter Manfredonia

CHARGES: Murder, kidnapping, assault


THE DETAILS: Peter Manfredonia, a student at the University of Connecticut, is accused of going on a rampage starting on Friday morning. According to authorities, the man killed one victim and then seriously injured another person in Willington, Connecticut. It remains unclear what provoked the suspect. Next, authorities believe Peter fled from the area and traveled to Derby, where he is suspected of killing yet another victim. They also believe that Peter took another victim from his home and later dropped him off in New Jersey. Authorities around the country became aware of the situation and a nation-wide manhunt ensued. On Wednesday, authorities finally located the suspect near a gas station in Hagerstown, Maryland. Officials say the suspect was hiding out in the woods, but he wasn’t violent or resisting arrest when police eventually found him. Authorities did discover a firearm near the suspect, and they believe it is the murder weapon used in at least two killings. Before Peter’s arrest, his family publicly encouraged him to turn himself in. Now, the former student is facing multiple serious charges. More information is expected to be released in the coming days.