13 Dead in Virginia Beach After Gunman Begins Shooting Indiscriminately

SUSPECT: DeWayne Craddock

CHARGES: Murder, Suicide

THE DETAILS: According to police, DeWayne Craddock was a longtime employee of the city of Virginia Beach. On Saturday, he arrived to work as normal, used his own security pass and then began unleashing bullets on his co-workers. 12 individuals, including one co-worker and eleven city workers, were killed in the incident. The suspect was also fatally wounded by police after a brief shootout. It remains unclear what the gunman’s motives were in this senseless act of violence.


Julian Assange Not Fit to For Trial

SUSPECT: Julian Assange

CHARGES: Bail jumping (Britain), Violating the Espionage Act (United States) and Sexual misconduct (Sweden)


THE DETAILS: The arrest of Julian Assange, the infamous founder of Wikileaks, made international headlines. Now, U.N. experts are concerned that Assange’s mental state is so poor that he isn’t even fit to stand trial. Years of isolation, according to the experts, has caused Assange to exhibit symptoms of psychological torture. The Wikileaks organization confirmed that they’re concerned about Assange’s mental state. The official account explained how they couldn’t even hold a conversation with him. It remains unclear how these new details with impact Assange’s possible extradition to the U.S.


Florida Swim Teacher Arrested for Child Neglect

SUSPECT: Jessica Kretz

CHARGES: Child Neglect


THE DETAILS: Back in July of 2018, Jessica Kretz and one other swim instructor were watching about 15 children when the unexpected occurred. One of the young toddlers in the group suddenly goes under the water. The youngster is underwater for about two minutes before the instructor realizes it. As a result, the boy suffered serious bodily injury. After months of investigations, authorities decided to charge Kretz with neglect. Video footage of the incident has since gone viral online.


Police Shocked After Finding 21 Dogs in Car at Traffic Stop

SUSPECT: Suzanne Eser

CHARGES: Animal cruelty


THE DETAILS: On Monday, police officers in Massachusetts noticed a van commit a motor vehicle violation, so they initiated a routine traffic stop on the vehicle. When they walked up to the van, they were shocked to find more than a dozen animals living inside. Upon closer inspection, the police were shocked to see the animals in the backseat covered in both garbage and waste. When questioned, the suspect confirmed that the animals had been living inside the van for ‘several’ months. Overall, 21 dogs and one Macaw bird were rescued and taken to a local animal shelter. The driver was taken to the local jail where she was charged with animal cruelty.


Investigation Ongoing After $1 Million Worth of Drugs Washes Ashore in Alabama


THE DETAILS: Authorities with the Orange Beach Police Department are baffled after discovering at least $1 million worth of abandoned drugs over a period of two days. The packages all washed ashore around Perdido Beach Boulevard during the two days, and each contained tightly wrapped drugs. The police believe the packages must have spent significant time in the water because many had live barnacles growing on them. It’s possible they may have originated in the Gulf of Mexico. In all, over 21 pounds of marijuana and 85 pounds of cocaine were recovered.


Couple Charged After Death of 12-Year-Old in Indiana

SUSPECTS: Luis Posso and Dayan Medina Flores

CHARGES: Child neglect


THE DETAILS: Last week, Luis Posso drove his 12-year-old son to the emergency room after he stopped breathing. Despite medical treatment, the youngster passed away a short time later. Authorities have not yet determined the boy’s cause of death, but the emergency room doctor allegedly found signs of potential abuse. After further investigating the situation, police discovered video footage of the boy restrained in a motel bathtub. In the footage, the youngster is restrained with dog leashes, shackles and a dog shock collar. After seeing the video, authorities immediately arrested the father and stepmother for child neglect. The couple has three other children who range in age from two to nine. All three are now in custody of Child Protective Services. As the investigation continues, it's likely the couple could face additional charges. An autopsy is being performed to determine the boy's exact cause of death. It remains unclear whether the shock collar played a part in the boy's breathing difficulties.