LA Police Officer Arrested After Shooting Fellow Officer While Camping


SUSPECT: Ismael Tamayo

CHARGES: Attempted murder


THE DETAILS: For many, bonding with their co-workers sounds like an enjoyable time, but for others, it provides the perfect opportunity to take out their frustrations on an unknowing co-worker while away from work. That happened to be the case for a group of Los Angeles Police Officers who decided to go on a camping trip together over the weekend. According to authorities, three off-duty officers decided to go camping together late on Saturday. The police report described how the officers were drinking alcohol and shooting off their firearms when one of the officers was struck by a bullet. He was rushed to the hospital, and he’s expected to fully recover. Despite that, authorities are now investigating the situation as attempted murder. Officer Tamayo has been taken into police custody.


Three Suspects Arrested After Fight at Vienna Chick-Fil-A

SUSPECTS: Mariah Young, Shomari Humphrey, Bryan “April” Elzy

CHARGES: Battery and assault


THE DETAILS: Back in the middle of April, customers hoping to get a delicious chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A were instead all witnesses to an assault. According to authorities, the three suspects were all patrons at the Vienna Chick-Fil-A when they allegedly became irate with an employee. While it’s unclear what prompted the suspects to become angry, they apparently approached the employee and began yelling at them. They were screaming profanities when two of the suspects (Humphrey and Young) reportedly spat in the employee’s face. All three of the suspects then started to run off. While they did, they shouted out “We have corona!” The police were called out to the store, and they investigated the situation. After a lengthy investigation, all three of the suspects were identified and arrested.


Suspects Arrested After Killing a Security Guard Who Asked Them to Wear a Mask

SUSPECT: Sharmel Teague

CHARGES: First-degree murder


THE DETAILS: Police have apprehended the first of three suspects accused of killing a security guard in Flint, Michigan. According to authorities, Sharmel, Ramonyea Bishop and Larry Teague were all shopping when the security guard approached them. The guard reportedly asked one of the individuals to put on a mask due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, Sharmel Teague believed that the request was “disrespectful” towards her daughter. She left the store but returned a little while later with her husband and son. Then, the trio started yelling at the security guard again. Suddenly, one of the individuals shot the security guard in the head. Now, all three will be facing first-degree murder charges as a result of the situation.


Police Apprehend Suspect Accused of Murdering Three Women in 1990s

SUSPECT: Clark Perry Baldwin



THE DETAILS: Back in the 1990s, police were stumped at the murders of three different women. Two of these women were pregnant. One of the women was from Tennessee, while the other two were from Wyoming. The investigation went cold, but authorities decided to reopen it again in April. Using hold DNA evidence extracted from semen samples and other materials, authorities connected the murders to a single suspect – former truck driver Clark Baldwin. The suspect was identified when the DNA evidence was put into a national database and authorities found a match to the other two unidentified victims. Then, police used forensic genealogy to help pinpoint the suspect. Two of the murdered women were never identified. In the past, the two women were identified in the news as “Bitter Creek Betty,” and “I-90 Jane Doe.” Now, authorities are debating on pursuing the death penalty for the former trucker.


Father and Son Arrested for Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

SUSPECTS: Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael

CHARGES: Aggravated assault and murder


THE DETAILS: On February 23, Ahmaud Arbery was jogging along in a Satilla Shores neighborhood. Arbery, who was a young black male, was surprised when a white pickup truck suddenly stopped in front of him. According to authorities, the three (white) men in the truck had seen Ahmaud running, and they immediately assumed that he was a burglar. In response, they grabbed firearms and chased him down in their truck. The three males, which included the father and son suspects, then started to argue with Arbery. In an uncovered video, it appears that Arbery attempted to grab one of the men’s shotguns, so Travis McMichael used deadly force to “protect himself.” The video, which has since spread like wildfire on social media, sparked massive outrage across the nation. Multiple celebrities, politicians and other high-profile individuals started to spread the video and urged the Georgia police force to investigate the situation. Presidential candidate Joe Biden called Arbery’s death a “grave injustice.” Now, both the father and son are facing murder charges.