Police Crack Decade’s Old Murder Case

SUSPECT: Edwin Hiatt



THE DETAILS: Back in 1985, a housekeeper found the deceased body of famous TV director Barry Crane wrapped up in his own bedding in the garage of his home. Investigators promptly determined the director had been severely beaten with a statue, and a telephone cord had been wrapped around his neck. While his death was obviously a homicide, investigators couldn’t identify any suspects. Later, the victim’s vehicle was discovered, and that’s when police found Hiatt’s fingerprints. Upon identifying the prints, authorities watching the suspect picked up some discarded cigarettes. They used DNA from these items to make a positive match to the crime scene evidence. Now, Hiatt’s facing murder charges.


Teenagers Arrested After Using Tinder to Plan Robberies

SUSPECTS: Jonathan Jimenez, Yadira Villarreal, Lesly Portillo, Bryan Gonzales and an unnamed 15-year-old minor

CHARGES: Armed robbery


THE DETAILS: Authorities in California suspect that at least five teenagers were using social media apps, specifically Tinder, to arrange robberies on unsuspecting victims. First, the teens would lure potential victims online by matching with them on the dating app. When the unsuspecting person arrived ready for a date, the teens would attack them at gunpoint. In many of the cases, the victims were robbed, beaten and even carjacked. Police believe at least 11 men have been targeted by the teens.


School Horrified, Mom Arrested After Hundreds of Roaches Emerge from Child’s Backpack

SUSPECT: Jessica Stevenson

CHARGES: Child neglect, child abuse


THE DETAILS: Teachers at a Florida elementary school were becoming increasingly concerned about one of their second-grade students. The youngster reportedly continuously showed up to school in the same dirty clothes, and the child also had a distinct smell indicative of poor hygiene. Initially, the school tried to help by giving the youngster new clothes. Sadly, the child would just wear the new clothes until they also became ragged. Eventually, Child Services was called when the child showed up to school with a backpack full of roaches. As she opened her bag, literally “hundreds” of bugs began rushing out. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office visited the child’s home, and they found the child had four other siblings living in similar conditions. The mother was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect.


Pilot Arrested for Triple Murder Dating Back to 2015

SUSPECT: Christian Richard Martin

CHARGES: Three counts of murder, burglary, tampering with physical evidence and attempted arson


THE DETAILS: Christian Martin, an airline pilot, was just apprehended in a triple murder that occurred back in 2015. According to police, both Pamela Phillips and Edward Dansereau were found deceased back in 2015. The couple’s bodies had been placed inside a vehicle and abandoned in a cornfield a short distance from their property. The vehicle was set ablaze. Later, investigators found the vehicle belongs to Calvin Phillips. When authorities went to Phillips’ home, they found that he had also been shot to death. At the time, investigators didn’t have any leads. Now, Christian Martin has been implicated in all three deaths.


Police Apprehend Kodak Black Prior to Music Festival

SUSPECT: Kodak Black

CHARGES: Firearms-related charges


THE DETAILS: Just before Kodak Black was scheduled to perform, cops showed up to the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens to apprehend him. Dazed witnesses recorded the arrest on cell phone video, which has since emerged online. According to authorities, the suspect had outstanding warrants for both state and federal weapons charges. After getting processed, Black was booked into the Federal Detention Center located in Miami.


Florida Driver’s Derogatory Sticker Causes Controversy

SUSPECT: Dillon Shane Webb

CHARGES: Displaying obscene materials in public, resisting an officer


THE DETAILS: Dillon Webb was driving along a highway when a Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed a derogatory sticker on the back of his truck. Upon seeing the sticker, the officer pulled over the suspect. Released dashcam footage shows the officer and suspect both arguing over whether the sticker, which read “I eat a**,” was speech that was protected by the First Amendment. When the suspect refused to remove the sticker, the deputy decided to arrest him. Prosecutors later decided to drop the charges against the suspect based on his argument that the sticker was protected by the suspect’s right to free speech. Now, Webb and his attorney are threatening legal action against the police department for violating his rights.