Sheriff Deputy From Georgia Arrested for Murder

SUSPECT: Winford Adams


DATE OF ARREST: November 11

THE DETAILS: On Sunday evening, authorities in Athens were called out to a residence to respond to a domestic dispute. When they arrived, they were surprised to find one of their own Sheriff Deputies at the home. The victim, who has not yet been identified, was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced deceased a short time later. The Sheriff at the scene was taken into custody while an investigation ensued. By morning, the police collected enough evidence to charge Adams with murder. Authorities confirmed the entire incident occurred while Adams was off-duty.


Teenager Arrested After Crime Spree Involving Armed Carjacking

SUSPECT: Ardshad Tomlin

CHARGES: Obstruction of justice, resisting an officer, possession of a stolen motor vehicle

DATE OF ARREST: November 11

THE DETAILS: On Monday, police in High Point were called out when a victim reported getting carjacked at gunpoint. Investigators immediately began searching for the stolen car. About three hours later, an officer spotted the car and attempted to pull it over. Immediately, several suspects bolted from the vehicle on foot. Ardshad was captured after a short foot chase. Police are still searching for the driver, Jamez Jones.


Police Locate the Body of Missing Fl Child, Mother Arrested

SUSPECT: Brianna Williams

CHARGES: Child neglect, providing false information to police

DATE OF ARREST: November 12

THE DETAILS: Taylor Williams, a five-year-old resident of Florida, has been missing since November 6th, but authorities have reason to believe that they’ve found her remains. While an investigation is still ongoing, police confirmed that they found the remains of a child in a wooded area in Alabama. Forensic testing is currently underway to positively identify the youngster. As news broke about the discovery, police tried to reach out to the girl’s mother, Brianna. Brianna has always been a person of interest in the case, but things took a wild turn on Tuesday morning. The suspect reportedly attempted to ingest a substance and overdosed. She was treated at the hospital, and police now suspect she was attempting to commit suicide. Brianna has now been arrested for neglecting her child and giving officers false information.


Longtime Medical News Correspondent Arrested After Asking 9-Year-Old for Nudes

SUSPECT: Dr. Bruce Hensel

CHARGES: Contact with a minor for sexual purposes

DATE OF ARREST: November 13

THE DETAILS: If you live in Los Angeles, then you’ve likely watched the popular KNBC-TV news station. You may have even seen Dr. Hensel discuss a story or two. Dr. Hensel was a news correspondent for years, which earned him a few local Emmy Awards. Despite his success, he’s apparently gone off the rails. Reports have now sutfaced that Dr. Hensel was having an innapropirate conversation with a nine-year-old child through text. He asked the youngster to send him sexually suggestive imagess. It’s unclear whether the child followed through, but her parents did find the messages and immediately alerted police.


Two Killed in California High School Shooting

SUSPECT: Nathaniel Berhow


DATE OF ARREST: November 14

THE DETAILS: On Thursday morning, the nation collectively mourned over a school shooting that occurred in California. According to initial reports, the gunman was a student at Saugus High School where the incident occurred. He allegedly arrived to school armed with the loaded weapon. He opened fire which ultimately killed two students and wounded another three. The student then turned the weapon on himself and attempted to shoot himself in the head. Police said the whole ordeal lasted only about 16 seconds. Their was a brief search for the shooter until investigators realized he was among the wounded being treated.


Democrat From Texas Arrested After Dropping Cocaine Filled Envelopes

SUSPECT: Poncho Nevarez

CHARGES: Possession of a controlled substance

DATE OF ARREST: November 14

THE DETAILS: Back in September, Democratic representative Poncho Nevarez was flying in a plane owned by his law firm. When he arrived in Austin, he made his way to his vehicle. Somewhere along the way, he acciedently dropped an envelope. The envelope was later recovered by airport staff. They immediately discovered a white powder inside, so police were alerted. The substance was sent to a lab where it was later identified as cocaine. As investigators pieced together what happened, they slowly realized the Democratic representative was responsible. A warrant for his arrest was issued. On Thursday, he turned himself over to police. He later released a statement expressing his gratitude over the arrest. He revealed how addiction is taking over his life and how he’s ready to make a change.