Kroger Employee Stabs Co-Worker Multiple Times

SUSPECT: Akin Williams

CHARGES: Aggravated assault

DATE OF ARREST: November 17

THE DETAILS: We all know how difficult it can be to get along with difficult co-workers. A recent incident at a Georgia Kroger store shows just how careful we should all be. According to initial reports, Akin Williams and a female co-worker arrived at about 6 A.M. on Sunday to work. It remains unclear what happened next, but police arrived to the scene and found the female suffering from several knife wounds. She was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries that required immediate surgery. The suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Officers confirmed that additional charges, like kidnapping and false imprisonment, are likely forthcoming.


Mayor of Indiana Arrested by FBI

SUSPECT: Dennis Tyler

CHARGES: Theft of government funds

DATE OF ARREST: November 18

THE DETAILS: Residents of Indiana were shocked when FBI agents took their mayor into police custody on Monday. The mayor, who was elected as a democrat, is nearing the end of his second term. According to reports, Mayor Tyler isn’t the only individual implicated in the department’s corruption. Several other officials within Tyler’s administration have also been arrested. Authorities believe the mayor accepted a $5,000 sum from a sanitation department worker. The money was meant to influence who the mayor would award contracts to. Now, the mayor is behind bars. The FBI confirmed the corruption probe has resulted in about 200 subpoenas.


Prison Guards on Duty During Epstein’s Suicide Arrested

SUSPECTS: Michael Thomas and Tova Noel

CHARGES: Making false records, conspiracy

DATE OF ARREST: November 19

THE DETAILS: The case of Jeffery Epstein’s death is just as shrouded in mystery as his life was. Epstein was arrested after being accused of sex crimes against minors, but the real story is that he was known to pal around with high-profile figures like Price Andrew and Bill Clinton. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, he attempted suicide. He was put on watch, but he still managed to hang himself after a second attempt. Even more suspicious, an autopsy later pointed to potential homicide. The guards who were tasked with watching Epstein have now been arrested. It’s been revealed that they neglected to monitor Epstein and even slept on the job during the morning of the suicide.


Money Laundering Expert Accused of Laundering Money

SUSPECT: Bruce Bagley

CHARGES: Money laundering and conspiracy

DATE OF ARREST: November 18

THE DETAILS: Professor Bagley has been touted as one of the leading experts in cracking money laundering schemes across the nation, but now officers suspect he has been using his advanced knowledge to commit the crime himself. Authorities allege that Bagley has laundered over $3 million to foreign nationals all while taking in a profit. The funds were reportedly embezzled and stolen from the citizens of Venezuela. The whole ordeal is ironic considering the FBI and others have sought out Bagley’s advice on cases for years.


Woman Arrested After Attempting to Pick Up Boyfriend from Jail

SUSPECT: Lois Gleeson

CHARGES: Possession of methamphetamine, driving without a license

DATE OF ARREST: November 20

THE DETAILS: Police in Florida were forced to arrest a woman who was in-route to pick up her recently freed boyfriend from jail. The suspect, Lois Gleeson, was pulled over for a traffic violation. That’s when police asked her for her license. She immediately confessed that her license had already been revoked, but that was the least of her worries. During the conversation, the officer spotted an open bag with a crystal-like substance all over the passenger seat. Lois was asked to step out of the car, and police determined the substance was meth. Lois claimed that the meth-filled truck belonged to her boyfriend, but she was ultimately arrested for possession anyway.


NY Protest Gets Out of Control: 60 Arrested

SUSPECTS: Over 60 arrests

CHARGES: Vandalism

DATE OF ARREST: November 22

THE DETAILS: New York’s governor recently called for the addition of 500 police officers to help patrol the subway system. While many were supportive of his decision, others were upset. Those opposed to the “excessive policing” gathered together to protest on Friday night. It didn’t take long before the crowds got rowdy. Some individuals have been accused of vandalizing turn stiles, police cruisers and even city busses. NYPD was forced to respond. Several subway stations were temporarily shut down, and dozens of protesters were arrested.