At Least 11 Arrested Protesting in Manhattan Ahead of Election

SUSPECTS: 11 protesters

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct, obstruction, resisting arrest

DATE OF ARREST: November 1

THE DETAILS: According to news reports, an intense clash between police officers and protests occurred in Manhattan ahead of the national election. Witnesses confirmed that tear gas was deployed, and at least 11 citizens are now facing criminal charges. Police say the clash started when an anti-Trump group started marching along the West Side Highway. A short time later, a group of Trump supporting truck drivers halted traffic along New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway and other Trump supporters blocked traffic on the Mario Cuomo Bridge. In response to the increase in civil unrest, authorities decided to take action. Video footage shows police officers shoving protesters and telling them to get out of the way of traffic. Police were also seen attempting to distinguish between members of the press and protestors. NYPD attempted to release all the journalists, but at least 11 of the protesters are now facing charges.


Two Protestors Arrested in Portland

SUSPECTS: Unidentified

CHARGES: Unlawful assembly, attempted arson

DATE OF ARREST: November 2

THE DETAILS: According to authorities in Portland, protests ahead of the election got out of control when several individuals attempted to start destroying nearby businesses. Portland police say that the situation started when a group of individuals decided to hold an organized march. They all convened at a park nearby Portland State University at around 9 P.M. Officials say that the march was intended to help the community remember the death of Jason Washington. Washington was a young man who was killed by campus police in 2018. As the protest gained steam, authorities took notice because similar events led to vandalism in the past. Thankfully, authorities were close by when things started going haywire. Portland officials say that at least two individuals started to smash windows at a campus public safety office. Then, they targeted a nearby Starbucks store. A flammable liquid was thrown into the business, but the police were able to quickly stop the situation from turning dangerous. When that happened, police declared the assembly unlawful and ordered everyone to go home. The two culprits accused of smashing windows and using flammable liquid were both arrested.


Gun-Wielding Man Arrested at NC Polling Place

SUSPECT: Justin Dunn

CHARGES: Trespassing

DATE OF ARREST: November 3

THE DETAILS: There are a lot of passionate people coming out to show their support for their chosen candidates this week at the polls. One man, however, attempted to show his support for his candidate in all the wrong ways on Tuesday. According to authorities, Justin Dunn showed up to a North Carolina polling place on Tuesday while legally carrying a firearm. The weapon wasn’t concealed, but that didn’t alarm anyone at the polling place. Dunn cast his vote, but then he continued to loiter around. At around 10:34, polling staff members decided to reach out to the authorities because they started to feel like Dunn was intimidating other voters by loitering with his weapon. Officers convinced Dunn to leave, but the suspect returned to the polling site about two hours later. The man was decked out in pro-Trump clothing and was again asked to leave the premises. When he didn’t comply, he was charged with trespassing.


Soldier from Fort Hood Arrested for 2019 Murder

SUSPECT: Corey Grafton


DATE OF ARREST: November 3

THE DETAILS: Back in July of 2019, Chelsea Cheatham was found unconscious in a motel room. Police responded, but they found Cheatham wasn’t breathing. Her death was declared a homicide, and investigations started. Detectives learned that the suspect, Corey Grafton, was at the same motel the night of Cheatham’s death. Upon talking to the suspect’s co-workers, another soldier revealed that Grafton had confessed to killing the victim. Once investigators learned about the confession, they decided to do some DNA analysis. The test results came back as a match to the DNA found at the murder scene, so Grafton was taken into police custody on Tuesday. The former Fort Hood soldier is now facing murder charges.


Postal Carrier Arrested With Undelivered Ballots

SUSPECT: Brandon Wilson

CHARGES: Delaying or destroying mail

DATE OF ARREST: November 3

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, yet another postal carrier has been caught with hundreds of pieces of undelivered mail, including ballots for the Presidential election. Police located the suspect on Tuesday night at the Peace Bridge. After taking a wrong turn, the postal carrier was face-to-face with border agents who started to search his vehicle. Upon searching the car, the agents found several bins containing undelivered mail. At least three undelivered absentee ballots were also discovered in the bins. According to the postal carrier, the mail in his trunk belonged to himself and his mother. He did not, however, offer an explanation for all the mail addressed to other individuals. Authorities later confirmed that 106 of the mailers were political in nature, and 220 of them were first-class mailings. Despite the postal carrier’s denial, he was taken into custody for delaying mail.