Sonic Restaurant Intentionally Torched: 2 Employees Killed, 3 More Wounded

SUSPECT: Roberto Carlos Silva Jr.

CHARGES: First-degree murder, first-degree arson

DATE OF ARREST: November 22

THE DETAILS: Late on Saturday evening, police in Bellevue received reports about a possible bomb being carried in a U-Haul truck outside of a Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. As police responded to the situation, they received another car about a potential shooting at the same eatery. Officers rushed out to the scene and immediately noticed the U-Haul moving truck ablaze nearby. Upon rushing into the eatery, four injured victims were discovered. All four were suffering from gunshot wounds. Two of the victims were promptly transported to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, while two others were declared deceased at the restaurant. A fifth Sonic employee also suffered minor injuries during the ordeal, but no medical treatment was necessary. Upon identifying the suspect, authorities realized Roberto Silva Jr had been arrested and released for another Sonic-related incident earlier in the week. He had reportedly attempted to purchase about $57 worth of food on someone else’s Sonic app, and the store reached out to police. During that ordeal, Silva was arrested and charged when police discovered he was illegally in possession of three firearms. Due to the situation, police believe the most recent attack may have been in retaliation for his earlier arrest.


Massachusetts Man Arrested for Threatening to Spread Covid-19

SUSPECT: Hale Powell

CHARGES: Issuing false threats about a biological agent, assault and battery

DATE OF ARREST: November 24

THE DETAILS: Authorities in Massachusetts were disturbed by a 71-year-old man’s behavior over the weekend. The suspect’s actions, according to police, were all captured on camera as they unfolded on a hiking trail in Ashburnham. Authorities say Powell saw two women hiking along the trail, and neither woman was wearing a face mask. Powell told both ladies that they were being “irresponsible” and that it’s the law to wear a mask. As the women attempted to move forward with their hike, the man decided to spit at them. After, he told them that he had the coronavirus and that they would fall ill soon, too. Due to the incident being caught on camera, the suspect was identified and arrested on Tuesday. After his arrest, it was determined that the suspect does not actually have Covid-19.


Woman Arrested After Fatal Hit-and-Run in San Antonio

SUSPECT: Mariah Jade Flores

CHARGES: Failure to stop and render aid resulting in death

DATE OF ARREST: November 23

THE DETAILS: Back on October 24, a horrible traffic crash occurred at around 7:45 A.M. According to police, the suspect’s 1997 green Honda was attempting to switch lanes to pass up another vehicle when the two cars collided. The victim’s vehicle was thrust into a large metal sign. Sadly, the victim was immediately killed on impact. The Honda also spun out of control, flipped, and then skidded to a stop near the guardrails. Witnesses saw the suspect, Mariah Flores, climb out of the driver’s side of the Honda. The witness asked the suspect if they were okay, and the suspect responded by saying she had to flee the area. The witness was distrubed because the victim appeared to be injured and was bleeding. The suspect told the witness that she had warrants before walking away from the area. For weeks, police attempted to identify the suspect. Finally, on Monday, police pulled over a vehicle for committing multiple traffic violations. When they identified the driver, they realized it was the same suspect who had caused the fatal crash a month earlier. She was immediately arrested and charged with the fatal hit-and-run.


3 Suspects Arrested in Portland for Thanksgiving Day Crime Spree

SUSPECTS: Nicole Noriega, Chester Hester and Bailey Willack

CHARGES: Criminal mischief

DATE OF ARREST: November 26

THE DETAILS: Police in Portland were called at around 1:25 A.M. on Thanksgiving morning by witnesses who saw several men appearing to break into a business. By the time authorities arrived in the area, they immediately noted that at least 10 businesses in the vicinity had clearly been attacked. Some businesses had their windows smashed out, while others had been marked with graffiti and spray paint. Responding officers estimated the damage to be worth “thousands” of dollars. Several of the stores were left vulnerable to thieves, so contractors and employees had to rush out in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning to board up their broken windows. After further investigation, police tracked down three culprits -- one man and two women.