Father and Daughter Duo Busted Growing Pot Plants

SUSPECTS: Taelor Neally, Travis Jacobs

CHARGES: Controlled substances violations, possession of drug parapharnalia

DATE OF ARREST: November 24

THE DETAILS: Police in Woodward were investigating a minor car accident when they suddenly stumbled upon a family-run pot growing operation. Initially, authorities were at the scene of a car accident. It’s unclear what led to requesting a search warrant for the residence near the crash, but officers executed it at around 8 P.M. When they walked inside, mason jars full of marijuana and wax were in plain sight. Officers also reported seeing digital scales and smoking devices. The officers eventually went upstairs and that’s when they discovered a massive grow room. The father and daughter residing in the home were both apprehended.


Athens Bar Owner Arrested After Customer Reports Sexual Assault

SUSPECT: David Ippisch

CHARGES: Battery, kidnapping, rape

DATE OF ARREST: November 25

THE DETAILS: Ippisch is well-known in Athens for owning two popular bars. Patrons of his bars were disturbed when news reports emerged that detailed how one 21-year-old was sexually assaulted at one of the locations over the weekend. Things got even more complicated when authorities arrested Ippisch himself for the alleged crime. Authorities are hesitant to release details about the assault yet because the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information about Ippisch or his bars should contact Detective Harrison at 762-400-7361.


Former Survivor Reality TV Show Star Arrested for Rape

SUSPECT: Silas Gaither

CHARGES: Rape and aggravated assault

DATE OF ARREST: November 25

THE DETAILS: The television show Survivor was one of the very first reality TV shows, and it’s maintained a large following for years. Recent controversies, though, are putting aa huge damper on the show’s appeal. A few weeks ago, one of the current castmates accused another of inappropriately touching her. She asked him to stop, but footage continued to show the man cross boundaries. The situation resolved when castmates got together and voted out the victim. Viewers were appaled, and now they have even more reason to be upset. A former castmate from season 3 of the show has just been arrested for rape. How do these types of predators continue to wind up on television shows?


Manhunt Ends with Marine Deserter’s Arrest

SUSPECT: Michael Brown

CHARGES: second-degree muder, use of a firearm in commission of a felony

DATE OF ARREST: November 27

THE DETAILS: Late in October, Michael Brown was working as a US Marine. Suddenly, he deserted his post and went rouge. Then, in November, his mother’s boyfriend was found dead in his home. Investigators quickly learned Brown had been living in the house with his mother and her boyfriend at the time, but Brown was nowhere to be found. A warrant was issued for Brown’s arrest under the suspicion of murder on November 11. Authotities believe he lived in wooded areas, including national forests, until he was finally captured on Wednesday. Surprisingly, Brown was caught when he tried to return to the family home weeks after the murder.


Formerly Deported Woman Arrested Again

SUSPECT: Olga Franco del Cid

CHARGES: Illegally residing in the US

DATE OF ARREST: November 26

THE DETAILS: Olga made headlines years ago in 2008 when she caused a serious car accident in Minnesota by running a stop sign. The accident, which involved a school bus, resulted in the deaths of four children. It was later revealed that Olga was illegally living in the US. Olga went on to be criminally convicted for her actions, and she served eight years in jail. After, she was deported back to Guatamala. Police were shocked to learn that at some point between then and now, Olga illegally re-entered the states. ICE was alerted, and they arrested her again on Tuesday.


Research Scientist Arrested After Delivering Technology to North Korea

SUSPECT: Virgil Griffith

CHARGES: Violating U.S. sanction laws, delivering technology to North Korea

DATE OF ARREST: November 29

THE DETAILS: It’s no secret that the United States and North Korea have had a very strained relationship for decades. The public is shocked, though, that one U.S. scientist has just been arrested and accused of delivering technology to North Korea in a way that avoided sanctions. The scientist allegedly utilized cryptocurrency and the blockchain to avoid detection, but authorities still caught him. It’s believed that the suspect, Virgil Griffith, gave “highly technical” data and information to North Korea. The delivery was in direct violation of sanctions that the president and Congress unilaterally put into place to pressure the Korean dictator. This serious violation comes with a maximum penalty of 20 years behind bars.