Minnesota Man Arrested After Hours-Long Standoff, Officer and 2 Others Injured

SUSPECT: Devin Matthew Weiland

CHARGES: Assault with a deadly weapon

DATE OF ARREST: November 29

THE DETAILS: At around 2 A.M. on Sunday, Minnesota Police received a call from a concerned resident at an apartment complex. According to the caller, one of the residents was causing a disturbance. The caller could hear them either discharging a weapon or shooting off fireworks. Officers rushed out to the scene, but they were ambushed by the suspect as soon as they arrived. Gunfire broke out and the initial responding officer was shot in the chest. Two other individuals were also injured by bullets including a 52-year-old and 38-year-old. The 52-year-old was transported via helicopter to a hospital in Rochester. More officers were dispatched to the scene, and they also issued a shelter in place order for all other residents in the apartment complex. After about an 8-hour standoff, authorities were finally able to get control over the situation. All 130 tenants were forced to evacuate while authorities detained and arrested the culprit.


Man Arrested After Fleeing Scene of Accident, Caught with 2-Year-Old by Hatchet and Meth Pipe

SUSPECT: Jeremy Jenkins

CHARGES: Leaving the scene of an accident, child endangerment and neglect, assault on an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of meth

DATE OF ARREST: November 30

THE DETAILS: According to police, a third party called out to the cops to report a motor vehicle crash. When police arrived at the scene of the crash, they were surprised to learn that the caller was only a passenger. The driver who caused the crash, she claimed, had fled the scene. The woman explained to the police that she’d been riding along with her 23-year-old boyfriend and 2-year-old child. The couple was attempting to soothe the youngster with a pacifier when they ran off the road. After the crash, the boyfriend took the child to his home while the woman called the cops. She explained that her boyfriend did not “like to talk to the police.” Officers went out to the residence in question and found the suspect crashed out on the couch. He was reportedly drooling and had a glass meth pipe nearby. The 2-year-old child was right next to the couch, a bag of meth, and a hatchet was at the youngster’s feet. As a result of the situation, police took the man into custody immediately. A struggle ensued, and cops had to deploy a stun gun to take down the culprit.


18-Year-Old Arrested After Fatal Sacramento Mall Shooting on Friday

SUSPECT: Damario Beck

CHARGES: Two counts of murder

DATE OF ARREST: November 30

THE DETAILS: On Friday, police received a call just after 6 P.M. to report a shooting at the Sacramento Mall. Authorities rushed out to the scene and discovered both a 17-year-old and 19-year-old man who had been shot. Both men were declared deceased. Detectives immediately began investigating. While not many details have been released, police have confirmed that they’ve identified the shooter as Damario Beck. Authorities think the shooting happened when two groups of people, who have a history together, got into a verbal altercation. That’s when the gunfire erupted and both men were shot. Authorities are asking anyone with more information about the incident to reach out to them as soon as possible.


Parents Arrested After Attempting to Board Flight While Positive for Covid-19

SUSPECTS: Wesley Moribe and Courtney Peterson

CHARGES: Second-degree reckless endangerment

DATE OF ARREST: November 29

THE DETAILS: Different states are handling the coronavirus in different ways, and Hawaii is one state that’s been very strict about allowing tourists to visit their island during the pandemic. According to authorities, two suspects were both apprehended after attempting to go on a Hawaiian vacation despite knowingly testing positive for Covid-19. The ordeal began when the two parents booked a flight headed for Lihue, Hawaii. They’d already tested positive for Covid-19 at that point. According to the Hawaiian Health Department, the agency is alerted whenever someone tests positive, so they were aware of the duo’s results. Despite being ordered to isolate and not travel to Hawaii, the couple took their chances and boarded the flight. Upon touching down in Lihue, they were immediately taken into police custody. Their four-year-old son, who was also with them, was handed over to family members. The parents, however, could be facing potential jail time after making their decision to travel with Covid-19. They’re both facing reckless endangerment charges for potentially spreading the novel virus.


Mayor of Shively Accused of DUI After Falling Asleep in White Castel Drive-Thru

SUSPECT: Mayor Beverly Chester-Burton


DATE OF ARREST: December 1

THE DETAILS: At around 11 P.M. on Tuesday, authorities were called to the scene of a car crash. When they arrived, police discovered a silver Cadillac crashed into a utility pole. They were even more surprised to see their Mayor standing right next to the crashed car. Initially, police gave the mayor the benefit of the doubt, but then, multiple witnesses came forward with statements. The witnesses told police that just prior to the crash, the mayor had fallen asleep in the drive-thru line at White Castle. Numerous people attempted to knock on her window to wake her up. Eventually, she stirred awake only to strike the rear-end of a truck. That truck was pushed into another car in front of it. That’s when the mayor attempted to exit the parking lot and flee the scene, but instead, she ended up striking the utility pole. Upon questioning the mayor again, officers noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath. Police initiated a field sobriety test, which the mayor failed. She was then taken into police custody and officially charged with a DUI.