Well-Known Rapper Arrested for Domestic Violence

SUSPECT: Gorilla Zoe

CHARGES: Domestic Violence

DATE OF ARREST: November 3

THE DETAILS: Rapper Gorilla Zoe was in Monroe County over the weekend when he reportedly got into a heated altercation with an unidentified female victim. Authorities were alerted to the potentially dangerous situation by a witness who reportedly saw the rapper shove a woman to the ground while on a hotel balcony. The witness stayed on the phone as police made their way to the scene. During the few minutes, the witness saw the woman run inside and lock Zoe on the balcony. Zoe was beating on the glass with his fists and feet. The woman let him back inside just as authorities arrived. When cops made it to the hotel room, they witnessed Zoe pinning down the woman. He was immediately taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.


MD Police Searching for Suspect Who Fatally Stabbed Man at Popeye’s

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Pending


THE DETAILS: Chicken sandwich lovers across the nation rejoiced when Popeye’s announced it would be re-launching sandwich sales this week. No one was shocked as patrons flocked to the fast-food chain in mass to grab one of the iconic sandwiches. Sadly, the exciting time turned into chaos at one Maryland chain. According to witnesses, the eatery had a substantial line. One man attempted to cut another person in line, and an altercation broke out. The fight moved outside where it turned fatal. One unidentified suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the other to death. He fled the scene as paramedics and police arrived. The victim wad rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Investigators are now searching for the knife-wielding suspect.


School Resource Officer Arrested in FL after Using Excessive Force on Child

SUSPECT: Willard Miller

CHARGES: Felony child abuse

DATE OF ARREST: November 5

THE DETAILS: Back in September, a school resource officer in Florida was accused of mishandling a situation involving a 15-year-old student. An investigation was launched, and the officer was suspended in late October. Now, disturbing video footage has emerged online which shows the incident unfold. The officer was taken into police custody on Tuesday. The video shows a 15-year-old walking around in a room. The child’s hands were in her pockets, and her head was down. Suddenly, the officer rushes over, grabs the teen by the throat and slams her to the ground. She’s then flipped over to her stomach and pinned down. The officer handcuffs her before violently pulling her to her feet and shoving her into a nearby room. It remains unclear what prompted this outrageous behavior by the officer.


Baby Faith was Murdered in 1996, Biological Mom Arrested on Tuesday

SUSPECT: Jennifer Katalinich


DATE OF ARREST: November 5

THE DETAILS: Back in 1996, two children were playing and exploring around a Colorado reservoir when they came across a strange trash bag. Curious, they opened it up. They were horrified to find the remains of a newborn infant. Police were immediately alerted, and they concluded the newborn had been strangled to death. Authorities worked hard to identify the child, who was dubbed Baby Faith, and the mother, but the case went cold without any leads. Now, new genealogical techniques have made it possible for police to narrow down suspects based on their DNA. Using this method, they finally identified several suspects likely related to the child. After interviewing four individuals, police issued a warrant for Jennifer’s arrest. She’s been charged with the 1996 murder.


Suspect Accused of Entering Bronx Zoo’s Lion Enclosure Arrested

SUSPECT: Myah Autry

CHARGES: Criminal trespass

DATE OF ARREST: November 6

THE DETAILS: It remains unclear why she did it, but Myah Autry has been accused of entering multiple animal enclosures at the Bronx Zoo back in September. According to authorities, the woman snuck into both the giraffe and lion enclosures. Video has emerged online which shows the suspect taunting the zoo’s lion. She can be heard saying “I love you,” to the animal before breaking out a few dance moves. Thankfully, no one was injured during the ordeal, but it did take police a few weeks to identify the culprit. She was taken into custody on Wednesday.


Man Arrested for DUI and Driving With Chicken on Shoulder

SUSPECT: Ernesto Martinez-Garnica


DATE OF ARREST: November 3

THE DETAILS: Police in Oak Creek were alarmed when a concerned citizen reached out to 911. The caller explained that a man was driving down the road and swerving around. The witness also said the man appeared to have a wild bird on his shoulder that was distracting him from driving. Authorities rushed out to the scene, and they discovered the reckless driver. The police immediately noticed the bird, who was actually a chicken, on the man’s shoulder. They also found empty cans of beer in the backseat. The driver was arrested for DUI.