Suspect Arrested After Unprovoked Halloween Slaying

SUSPECT: Jonathan Galindo


DATE OF ARREST: November 8

THE DETAILS: At around 9 PM on Halloween night, police in Waltham were called out to a residence. When they arrived, they found 61-year-old Kevin Fitzgerald suffering from multiple stab-inflicted wounds. While paramedics helped assist the injured man, he told them that he was attacked in his home by a man he had never seen before. He was unable to identify the culprit or give authorities any clues. He was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment, but he succumbed to his injuries a short time later. The police gathered forensic evidence at the scene and began investigating the situation. On Sunday, they apprehended Jonathan Galindo and officially charged him with Fitzgerald’s murder. It remains unclear why the 33-year-old man attacked the victim, but authorities will continue to investigate the situation.


Cincinnati City Councilman Arrested

SUSPECT: Jeff Pastor

CHARGES: Bribery

DATE OF ARREST: November 10

THE DETAILS: Early on Tuesday, FBI agents arrested Jeff Pastor, a City Councilman in Cincinnati. According to officials, Pastor is facing bribery charges after officials investigated a situation revolving around the Convention Place Mall. Authorities say the area located across from Duke Energy Convention Center was set to become a boutique hotel. While authorities haven’t released details about the investigation yet, journalists have made a connection between the potential hotel and lobbyist Neil Clark. Clark helped bring sports betting to the potential hotel, and he claims he met with two developers about the situation. After recent events, Clark states that he believes those two developers were actually FBI informants who recorded his conversations. The alleged bribery scheme also likely involves House Bill 6, which is intended to bai out two nuclear plants in the area.


NY Resident Arrested After Posting Threat Online Against FBI and Schumer

SUSPECT: Brian Maiorana

CHARGES: Making threatening interstate communications

DATE OF ARREST: November 10

THE DETAILS: We all know how stressful and contested the 2020 election has been so far, but it’s crucial to stay calm during this ordeal. One Staten Island resident, Brian Maiorana, learned that the hard way after he made a negative post online that led to his arrest. According to police, Maiorana went online Sunday and said that he wanted to “blow up” an FBI building. Even worse, he made anti-Semitic comments about a Democratic representative. Authorities noticed the online post and immediately investigated. They determined that Maiorana was making a veiled threat against Senator Chuck Schumer with his comments, so a search warrant was requested. On Tuesday, authorities raided the suspect’s home and charged him with making threatening interstate communications. According to police, this latest incident isn’t the only time Maiorana has posted threatening things online. Back in September, he reportedly threatened to kill several politicians, protestors, and even law enforcement officers. The suspect’s also been convicted of a sexual assault crime in the past, so he was barred from owning firearms. Despite that, authorities discovered several weapons in his home including a taser, crossbow, baton, semi automatic pistol, and parts of a .22 caliber pistol.


FL Mother Arrested After Mask Dispute at School

SUSPECT: Kari Turner

CHARGES: Battery of a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and trespassing

DATE OF ARREST: November 10

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a Florida mother was taken into police custody in front of her two children while they were at school. Police in Pinellas County say the incident started when Kari Turner showed up to the school to attend a board meeting. During the meeting, at least 24 parents attended to voice their opposition to extending the school’s mask policy. Despite many protests, the meeting ended when the board voted 4-1 to extend the mask mandate. At that point, people began dispersing from the meeting. That’s when the suspect, Kari Turner, was reportedly approached for refusing to wear a mask. Turner claims that she was attempting to leave, but school police officers told her she must wear her mask through the building to exit the premises. Things escalated from there as one of Turner’s teenage daughters starting yelling, “That’s my mom!” In the end, Kari Turner was taken into custody and is now facing several charges including battery of a law enforcement officer.


Sex Offender Arrested in San Mateo After Attacking Child

SUSPECT: Ignacio Rosendo Martinez

CHARGES: Sexual assault on a minor, cruelty to a child, attempted rape

DATE OF ARREST: November 11

THE DETAILS: Authorities were called out to a laundromat in San Mateo at around 11:10 AM on Wednesday. According to the caller, a 10-year-old and 12-year-old girl had been approached by a man who was later identified as a “high-risk” sex offender. The suspect reportedly saw the two youngsters locking up their bicycles at the laundromat. That’s when he decided to go inside the business to exchange coins. One of the young girls walked into the establishment, and at that point Martinez assaulted the 10-year-old. Reports say the suspect approached the victim from behind and then removed his own pants. He then attempted to grab the youngster and thrust at her for several seconds. At that point, he tried to force the girl into a backroom. She managed to break free and run out to her sister for help. The two girls immediately went home and told their mother, who called the police. Investigators watched the security footage, but they couldn’t immediately identify a suspect. A few hours later, police were called out to an apartment complex about a trespasser, and that’s when they realized the suspect was the exact man from the security footage earlier. He’s now been taken into police custody where he’s facing multiple charges including attempted kidnapping and failure to register as a sex offender.