Anti-Lockdown Protest Leader Arrested on Rioting Charge

SUSPECT: Heshy Tischler

CHARGES: Inciting a riot, unlawful imprisonment

DATE OF ARREST: October 11

THE DETAILS: Authorities in NYC are taking anti-lockdown protests very seriously. Over the weekend, one of the most outspoken protest leaders in NYC, Heshy Tischler, was taken into custody and charged with inciting a riot on October 7. Officials say the protest took a dark turn when Tischler encouraged other demonstrators to surround and harass a journalist. The suspect wasn't wearing a mask, and he kept screaming in the victim's face. The victim also reported being kicked and hit during the ordeal. After the suspect's arrest, his followers reportedly showed up at the victim's house to further intimidate him.


Man Puts Razor Blades in Pizza Dough for Maine Grocery Store Shoppers

SUSPECT: Nicholas R. Mitchell

CHARGES: Tampering with consumer products

DATE OF ARREST: October 11

THE DETAILS: According to officials, a man in man purchased a pie from Portland Pizza Pie Dough and returned home. Upon opening the product, he found several dangerous razor blades mixed in with the dough. He immediately reached out to the police and the grocery store where he purchased the pizza. The grocery store looked at past surveillance tapes and discovered the suspect in question tampering with several pizza pies on the shelves. Police immediately began searching for the culprit, and they asked for the public's help with identifying him. On Sunday, they tracked the suspect down in New Hampshire. Hannaford Supermarkets have issued a recall on all Portland Pie cheese and dough products as a result. Thankfully, no one has come forward with injuries related to the ordeal.


Maine Man Stabbed With Machete in Broad Daylight

SUSPECT: Clayton M. Briggs

CHARGES: Second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon

DATE OF ARREST: October 12

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a Maine resident was blatantly stabbed with a machete in the middle of the afternoon on Monday. According to witnesses, the male victim’s neighbor appeared to be wielding the machete before the attack. The suspect reportedly slashed the victim’s leg, which resulted in substantial injuries. Before police could arrive on-scene, the culprit fled. Despite fleeing, multiple witnesses confirmed the identity of the culprit. Shortly later, police tracked down Clayton M. Briggs, and they also found the weapon discarded close by, too. Police are unsure if the incident was related to the “Day of Rage” on Columbus Day the day prior. During the demonstration, statutes were toppled, windows were smashed, and fires were started. A riot was declared, and several arrests were made on Sunday.


Two Time Republican Idaho Governor Candidate Arrested for Murder of Minor in 1984

SUSPECT: Steven Pankey

CHARGES: Kidnapping, murder

DATE OF ARREST: October 12

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a suspect has finally been arrested in the 1984 murder of Jonelle Matthews. Surprisingly, the suspect is a well-known public figure. Back in 2014, Pankey ran for governor in Idaho as a Constitutional Party candidate. Again in 2018, he ran as a Republican. Thankfully, he was never elected. Officials say this formerly cold case started to ramp up when the victim’s body was discovered last year after being missing for decades. After investigating, authorities came to the conclusion that the 12-year-old victim had been taken from her home in Greeley, Colorado, before being executed with a shot to the head. At the time, Pankey lived only two miles away from the victim’s home. When the remains were discovered, authorities were already suspicious of Pankey. Back in 2013, he reportedly sent an alibi letter about the decade’s old case regarding his whereabouts at the time. He had also allegedly inserted himself into the investigation multiple times throughout the years. He asked police for immunity from prosecution if he revealed information about the case, which was denied. Investigators also learned that Pankey was doing multiple web searches about the victim online as late as 2019. On Monday, he was taken into custody and officially charged with the kidnapping and murder of Jonelle Matthews.


Suspect in Seattle Attempts to Burn Police Car with Officer Inside

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Assault on a police officer

THE DETAILS: According to officers in Seattle, a suspect attempted to burn a police car while an officer was still inside. The officer in question was allegedly called to the scene after witnesses reported seeing a man walking around with a burning piece of wood in his hand. The officer spotted the man on foot, and that’s when the suspect attempted to toss the burning wood into the police cruiser. The officer was still inside the car, but he quickly jumped out as the flames started to consume the vehicle. The officer pursued the suspect on foot, tased him, and eventually got him under control. He was arrested, and the officer was taken to the hospital for treatment for his burns.