27-Year-Old Charged With Murdering Elderly Woman in TX

SUSPECT: Stephen Alexander Tufts


DATE OF ARREST: October 13

THE DETAILS: At around 9.P.M. on Saturday, a Texas citizen was walking around his neighborhood when he noticed a deceased dog on a resident’s porch. He tried to knock on the person’s door, but there was no answer. That’s when he reached out to police who immediately conducted a well-check. When they arrived, they found a deceased 73-year-old woman in the home. The woman’s roommate, a 27-year-old, immediately became the primary suspect in her murder. He was arrested on Sunday.


Cop Who Fatally Shot Woman in Home Charged with Murder

SUSPECT: Aaron Dean


DATE OF ARREST: October 14

THE DETAILS: Aaron Dean, a former officer with the Fort Worth Police Department, has just been arrested for murder after he fatally shot an innocent citizen while on-duty. On the night of the incident, Officer Dean received a request to conduct a well-check on a residence whose door appeared to be wide open. The call came at around 2:30 A.M. on Saturday. Body footage has emerged which shows the officer approach a window and immediately shoot the person inside without warning. The person inside, Atatiana Jefferson, was inside her own home playing video games with an eight-year-old nephew when she was struck by the bullet. She died almost immediately. Now, the officer is facing murder charges for his egregious and reckless actions.


Suspected Spree Killer Captured in FL After Police Standoff

SUSPECT: Stanley Mossburg

CHARGES: Murder, robbery, kidnapping, resisting police, and more

DATE OF ARREST: October 14

THE DETAILS: While most were enjoying the Columbus Day holiday, police in Winter Park, Florida, were enmeshed in a six-hour standoff with an armed killer. The suspect is accused of murdering at least three people, one in Tennessee and two in Florida. It remains unclear whether authorities will connect him with more crimes, as he allegedly bragged about his previous murders and boasted that he loved killing people. He revealed to the police that he wants to be a serial killer. He alleged that the two victims in Florida were actually his seventh and eighth victims. Thankfully, police were tipped off by someone who claims to have been held hostage by the suspect for over 14 hours, so the dangerous man will remain in police custody.


Police Crackdown on Dark Web Child Porn Site: 330 Arrests

SUSPECTS: Over 330 individuals

CHARGES: Various charges related to child pornography and child trafficking

DATE OF ARREST: October 16

THE DETAILS: Cryptocurrency has a lot of potential, but criminals across the globe have taken advantage of the anonymity it provides for far too long. Now, police have successfully managed to crack open a dark web child porn site that funded its illegal operations using cryptocurrency. Over 330 people were arrested, and at least 23 children were rescued. The illegal video website was up for nearly three years before authorities were able to identify those responsible. The U.S. Department of Justice confirmed that the site was the first of its kind to attempt to exploit bitcoin and blockchain technology as a cover for their crimes. At least 38 countries are working together to take down those responsible.


Armed Man in Body Armor Arrested at Trump Rally

SUSPECT: Unnamed

CHARGES: Unclear at this time

DATE OF ARREST: October 17

THE DETAILS: President Trump hosted a rally in Dallas on Thursday. As per usual, hundreds of supporters and protesters showed up for the ordeal. At around 6:30 P.M., officers patrolling the area spotted an unusual attendee. The person was allegedly walking around in body armor. Upon further inspection, the officer spotted a firearm as well. Reports indicate that the person claimed to have a license to carry. Despite that, he was still taken into police custody. He was transported to a nearby hospital and subjected to an evaluation.


Arsonist Arrested After Fire Kills Three

SUSPECT: Wilbur Romero

CHARGES: Arson, homicide

DATE OF ARREST: October 18

THE DETAILS: Early on Sunday morning, a house fire broke out in a neighborhood in San Diego. The suspect’s father, two sisters, brother and mother were all trapped inside when authorities and firefighters responded to the blaze. The two women were transported to the hospital, but the man succumbed to fire-related injuries at the scene. Throughout the week, police gathered enough evidence to open a homicide investigation. On Friday, they took Wilbur Romero into custody. Romero’s brother and sister remain hospitalized, while his other three family members have died.