Standoff on Paramount Pictures Lot Results in Arrest

SUSPECT: unidentified

CHARGES: resisting arrest, attempted assault on an officer

DATE OF ARREST: October 18

THE DETAILS: According to authorities in Los Angeles, things got out of control when a sexual assault investigation led them to a suspect. Upon collecting the evidence, police were dispatched to arrest the suspect for his crimes. When they attempted to arrest the suspect, he was not complying. In response, a taser was used. That's when the suspect pulled out a knife. The officers immediately called for back up and tried to back away from the individual. Cops used bean bags to try to keep the suspect contained, but their efforts were of no use. The armed man made his way onto the Paramount Pictures property. Shots were fired, and the man took cover in one of the buildings inside. It took hours of negotiating before authorities attempted to breach the building. What happens next is unclear, but the suspect was eventually taken to the hospital because he was bleeding. An investigation into the whole ordeal is ongoing, so the suspect's name remains under wraps.


74-Year-Old Brutally Beaten to Death: Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Sedrick Hawkins

CHARGES: Aggravated murder

DATE OF ARREST: October 19

THE DETAILS: According to U.S. Marshalls, a suspect was finally arrested on Monday regarding the brutal beating of a 74-year-old man back in September of 2019. Officials say the suspect reportedly attacked the victim, Larry Manno, inside of Manno’s business last year. The attack was so forceful that it proved fatal for the older victim. Manno was discovered with a broken cheek bone, broken ribs, a gash on his head, and a collapsed lung. After the incident, authorities immediately suspected Hawkins, but they weren’t able to track down his location for nearly ten months. The suspect’s face was even plastered on the “Fugitive of the Week” billboards and displayed all over social media. Despite that, Hawkins evaded capture for nearly a year. On Monday, U.S. Marshals successfully took the fugitive into custody.


NY Doctor and Lawmaker Arrested for Drugs for Sex Scheme

SUSPECT: William Spencer

CHARGES: Drug-related

DATE OF ARREST: October 20

THE DETAILS: Dr. William Spencer has always been well-regarded in New York. He is an ear, throat, and nose specialist who has also been serving as a lawmaker since 2011. On top of these achievements, Spencer was also a member of an opioid task force while working for the government. Despite his alleged dedication to preventing drug abuse, the doctor was arrested on Tuesday after authorities revealed his dirty dealings. Officials became aware of the doctor’s suspicious behavior after a previous drug investigation, so they decided to keep investigating Spencer. Officials reportedly set up a sting operation where they pretended to be a woman looking for specific pills. Dr. Spencer talked with the woman and made plans for them to meet up. Upon meeting, the doctor wanted the female to perform sexual acts in exchange for the pills she was after. Thankfully, the woman in question did not really exist. When the doctor showed up at the meeting location, authorities swooped in and arrested him.


DNA Evidence from 1996 Murder Leads to the Arrest of TX Man

SUSPECT: Jose Luis Garcia


THE DETAILS: Almost 25 years ago, a 17-year-old female, Gladys Arellano, was discovered deceased in Malibu, California. At the time, authorities determined the young woman was strangled, beaten, and sexually assaulted before passing away. Their disturbing findings didn’t lead them to any suspects, though. They collected DNA evidence, which they believed to be the suspects, and saved it in a database. Then, in 2019 the LAPD arrested a male, Jose Garcia, on an unrelated domestic assault charge. During his booking, officers collected a DNA sample and uploaded it into their database of offenders. Nearly a month later, authorities were surprised to receive an alert from the DNA database -- they’d found a match for the 1996 murder! Garcia’s sample was analyzed again, and it was confirmed that his DNA matched the sample found at the scene of the crime. Last month, U.S. Marshals arrested Garcia and officially charged him with murder.


Miami Lawyer Accused of Robbing Multiple Banks

SUSPECT: Aaron Honaker

CHARGES: attempted bank robbery, bank robbery

DATE OF ARREST: October 21

THE DETAILS: Over the past several weeks, a masked bandit has attempted to rob several banks in the Coral Gables area. Two of these attempts, which occurred on October 3rd and October 10th, were successful. The man left the banks with a total of $1,850. During his other attempts, he left empty handed. According to authorities, the man would enter and then pass a note to a teller with instructions to hand over the cash. The note also mentioned the man had a firearm. As a result, police were on high alert. That’s when they noticed a man, later identified as Miami lawyer Aaron Honaker, scoping out a nearby bank. They approached him, and they discovered multiple hold-up notes in his pockets. Now, he’s been apprehended for all the recent bank robbery attempts.