Russian Refugee Apprehended by ICE Agents

SUSPECT: Akhmed Bilalov

CHARGES: Illegally staying in the country

DATE OF ARREST: October 22

THE DETAILS: Bilalov used to live in Russia, but he became well-known around the world after being the recipient of Russian Tsar Putin’s wrath. Bilalov reportedly was in charge of the Russian Olympic Committee in 2014. He was shamed after several construction delays and increasing costs upset Putin. He was forced to flee the country after allegedly being poisoned. He took refuge in America, but now ICE has arrested him for being in the country illegally. It remains unclear whether Russia requested the extradition of Bilalov or not.


Political Protester Attacks Crowd with Bear Spray

SUSPECT: David Dempsey

CHARGES: Assault, violation of parole

DATE OF ARREST: October 20

THE DETAILS: Dozens of anti-Trump protesters gathered at Santa Monica Pier over the weekend, but their demonstration quickly went downhill. Within a few hours, counterprotesters organized a group. As the two opposing groups approached one another, the anti-Trump group linked arms to form a human barrier. That’s when a rowdy counterprotester pulled a can of bear spray from his pocket and began spraying wildly. At least ten people claim to have been sprayed directly in the face, while countless people breathed it in. The incident was captured on video, which was later handed over to the police. The following day, authorities arrested the suspect they believe to be responsible for the act.


Two Arrested After Attempting to Sell False Miracle Cancer Cure

SUSPECTS: Barbara and Jason Vale


DATE OF ARREST: October 23

THE DETAILS: A mother and son duo have both been arrested after authorities discovered they were selling a product online that they touted as a cure for cancer. The product, which is allegedly a form of apricot drink, was marketed on a website called Apricots from God. A number of other phony products were also available for purchase on the site. The Food and Drug Administration confirmed that none of the products have been approved to treat any of the listed diseases or ailments. The EPA was called out to the family’s home after vats of the apricot product were found. Jason Vale is currently receiving treatment at the hospital, and it remains unclear whether his own product caused an injury or not.


Lacrose Team Gets Into Argument: One Stabbed in Abdomen

SUSPECT: Matthew Stockfeder

CHARGES: Assault

DATE OF ARREST: October 23

THE DETAILS: Have you ever gotten annoyed by your roommate? Two roommates from St. Johns got into a heated argument this week, which ultimately ended with one of them in the hospital. The incident began on Monday night when Stockfeder’s roommate began complaining about his loud music. Stockfeder decided to leave and go elsewhere, but the argument continued to escalate through text messages. Eventually, the roommate met Stockfeder at the other apartment and a physical fight ensued. Stockfeder took things too far, though, when he pulled out a knife and stabbed his teammate. The victim was rushed to the hospital, and the suspect turned himself over to police on Wednesday.


Instagram Threat Leads to Student’s Arrest

SUSPECT: Unnamed minor

CHARGES: felony terrorist threats

DATE OF ARREST: October 25

THE DETAILS: A concerned Pasadena student noticed an eerie message circulating on Instagram. The message said, “stay away from Jackson Intermediate.” The student was alarmed, so they showed the social media message to their parents. The parents immediately reached out to the police. An investigation ensued, and an unidentified minor was brought into custody shortly later. The teen allegedly attends Jackson Intermediate, so the threats seemed credible. Police increased their presence on campus Friday, but it appears the threat has passed.


Missing Teen Emerges on Social Media Pornography: Suspect Arrested in FL

SUSPECT: Christopher Johnson

CHARGES: Lewd and lascivious battery of a child younger than 16

DATE OF ARREST: October 22

THE DETAILS: Nearly a year ago, a teenage girl went missing. Recently, her face reappeared on social media. The police were immediately alerted about the ordeal, and they began an investigation. Authorities found the missing girl’s likeness appear in several sexually explicit images that were surfacing on websites like Snapchat and Pornhub. In all, at least 58 videos were discovered. One of the men in the pornographic videos appeared to be a primary suspect in the case: Christopher Johnson. Johnson had been identified on a surveillance camera with the missing girl about two months after she initially disappeared. At the time, authorities weren’t able to locate Johnson. This time, they found him driving along in a car. When the police pulled the car over, they immediately recognized the missing teenager inside the car as well. The suspect was immediately taken into custody.