Supreme Court Protester Arrested in Viral Video

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Unlawful demonstration

DATE OF ARREST: October 25

THE DETAILS: A viral video surfaced on Sunday which showed firemen and police climbing up the Supreme Court statues to arrest a protestor. The unidentified man was reportedly at the scene to protest the confirmation of the latest Supreme Court Judge. Authorities say the man was not being unruly or disruptive, but he was perched near the Court’s statue displays. He was holding a sign saying “Let the people decide.” At around 5:30 P.M., firemen showed up with ladders to reach the man. Once he was reached, the man was immediately placed into handcuffs and led down the building. He was taken around to the side of the Court building, and reportedly taken into custody. His arrest was one of many, as at least 11 more individuals were arrested for protesting the Judge’s confirmation on Monday.


52-Year-Old Arrested at Polling Area in Maryland

SUSPECT: Daniel Swain

CHARGES: Trespassing, failure to comply with a health emergency

DATE OF ARREST: October 26

THE DETAILS: With the pandemic happening during an election year, millions of Americans are concerned about how to get out and vote safely. For many, going out to the polls during early voting is a good idea because it will help them avoid crowds. On Monday, one such polling station was set up in Jarrettsville. Around mid-day, election officials noticed two men show up to the polling station. What happens next is unclear, but it’s alleged that the men weren’t following the official’s directions. They were eventually asked to leave, but neither of them would comply. The police were called out at around 2:45 PM. Deputies explained the rules and pandemic situation to both men. After, one of the men decided to comply with the orders. Daniel Swain, on the other hand, refused. As a result, Swain was taken into police custody. Election officials confirmed that the suspect did not vote, but he was given the opportunity to do so.


Arizona Resident Arrested and Fired After Racist Rant Goes Viral


CHARGES: Disorderly conduct

THE DETAILS: Andre Abram was recording an episode for his podcast in Scottsdale, Arizona last weekend when he suddenly encountered an irate man. Abram was filming alongside his cameraman, both of whom identify as African American. Suddenly, a suspicious man came up to the two men and asked them what they were doing and filming. The man, later identified as Paul Ng, then told the two that the area was a “no N-- zone.” He followed up by confirming to the men (and camera) that he is indeed a racist. Abram, surprised by the tirade, explains that he’s on a public road, but Ng continued to press the two on where they were from. The victims walked away, but they later uploaded the footage to social media. The video went viral, and many watchers assumed Ng worked at a nearby business where the footage was taken. The business started receiving threats, so they reached out to authorities. Upon investigating, the police identified and arrested the suspect for disorderly conduct. Ng admitted his behavior to the police and claimed that he was simply keeping an eye out for his community. Ng has also since lost his job.


Maine Man Arrested Brandishing Weapons at Trump Rally

SUSPECT: Paul Beitzell

CHARGES: Criminal threatening with a weapon, disorderly conduct

DATE OF ARREST: October 28

THE DETAILS: President Trump's campaign, rallies, and entire presidency have been shrouded in controversy. That's one reason why it's not a huge surprise that Trump's reelection campaign is causing a stir in various cities when he shows up. On Wednesday, a rally was held in Bangor, Maine. Paul Beitzell, who is passionate about politics, showed up to have his voice heard. According to witnesses, the suspect attempted to bring a knife and wooden baton to the rally. He was also reportedly harassing people who showed up in support of Trump. At some point, three men started to confront the suspect. Paul later told police that he felt threatened, so he displayed his weapons. He later ran back to his car, but the police were quick to catch up with him. Now, he's being charged with disorderly conduct.


Proud Boys Threaten to Bomb Polling Location in North Dakota

SUSPECT: Anthony A. Raymond

CHARGES: Terrorism

DATE OF ARREST: October 28

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a 33-year-old man and self-identified ‘Proud Boy’ was arrested on Wednesday after threatening to blow up a polling location in North Dakota. According to the Dickinson Police Department, the suspect sent out an email to The Press on Wednesday. In the email, he claimed he would bomb the polling area in Stark Co. The email was anonymous but was signed “The Proud Boys.” Upon receiving the email, The Press immediately called the police. Authorities determined the IP address that sent out the email, which led them directly to the suspect. Police told the public that their investigation is still ongoing, but they believe Raymond was operating alone. They reinforced that no one is in danger, so they should feel safe going out to vote at any polling station.