Supernatural Star Arrested in Texas

SUSPECT: Jared Padalecki

CHARGES: Public intoxication, assault

DATE OF ARREST: October 27

THE DETAILS: One of Supernatural’s lead actors, Jared Padalecki, was arrested over the weekend after getting into a minor altercation with a bar manager. Initial reports indicate Jared was drinking at the Stereotype Bar, a club he frequents, when the incident occurred. It’s unclear what started it, but Jared and a bartender began arguing. He reportedly punched the worker and then later punched the manager who attempted to help his employee. Jared was eventually arrested, and he later made bail by paying $15,000.


14-Year-Old Arrested After Accidental Shooting

SUSPECT: 14-Year-old minor from DeKalb County

CHARGES: Reckless conduct, possession of a firearm by a minor

DATE OF ARREST: October 27

THE DETAILS: It seemed like your typical weekend – a group of teenagers was hanging out and playing video games. The fun and games ended suddenly, though, when one of the boys began playing around with a firearm. According to the police report, one of the teens witnessed the 14-year-old attempt to cock the weapon when it discharged. A bullet struck a nearby 16-year-old directly in the face. The bullet went through the victim’s mouth and exited through his neck. Police and emergency medical staff arrived, but they were initially told the victim was struck by a stray bullet. When officers couldn’t find evidence for the claim, the truth came out. He was rushed to the hospital right away, and the 14-year-old was taken away in handcuffs. He was released to his mother a short time later, but his charges remain.


Three Arrested in Mandatory Fire Evacuation Zones

SUSPECTS: Jesse Gandarilla, Lonnie Fredrick, Gary Villa

CHARGES: Entering an area under mandatory evacuation

DATE OF ARREST: October 27 and 28

THE DETAILS: The Kincade fire has forced dozens of citizens out of their homes, and authorities are taking the mandatory evacuation orders very seriously. What happens when you intentionally disobey an evacuation order? You’re committing a crime. At least three people have made this realization after being apprehended in restricted areas. The police confirmed that all the suspects were homeless. Despite that, they weren’t permitted to stay. Authorities take this matter so seriously to avoid looting during emergency situations. None of the accused were suspected of looting, but the arrests were made to make a point.


SC Mom Arrested After Infant Perishes, Surviving Children Found Living in Deplorable Conditions

SUSPECT: Ashley Heyward McPherson

CHARGES: Six counts of unlawful neglect of a child

DATE OF ARREST: October 29

THE DETAILS: Police were called out to Ashley’s home on October 19th when she discovered her 7-month-old child had passed away. Initial reports do not indicate the cause of death, but they do note the deplorable living conditions of the child. An investigation was immediately opened. CPS also became involved because several other children were found living with Ashley. Investigators found the children’s home was littered with animal feces and trash, so the kids were ultimately taken by the state as their mother was handcuffed.


Connecticut Man Arrested for Putting Razor Blades in Trick-Or-Treater’s Bags

SUSPECT: Jason Racz

CHARGES: Reckless endangerment, risking injury to a minor

DATE OF ARREST: October 31

THE DETAILS: It’s something you’ve been warned about before, but no one actually expects their kid’s Halloween candy to be tainted or harmful. Sadly, one man from Connecticut decided to give unsuspecting Trick-or-treaters razor blades with their candy. Several parents later found the blades among their kid’s candy and reported it to the police. Authorities were able to determine who the culprit was based on the parent’s reporting. When approached by police, the culprit said the razors must have accidentally spilled into his candy bowl. There was also a three-year-old at the home who had access to a box of blades. The man was arrested on the spot. Thankfully, no children suffered injuries. No blades were present inside any candy wrappers.


5-Year-Old Run Over by Car While Trick-Or-Treating

SUSPECT: Felipe Torres

CHARGES: Driving without a license

DATE OF ARREST: October 31

THE DETAILS: If it’s Halloween, then you should expect a lot of neighborhood children to be out in the streets. So, you should always keep that fact in mind if you get behind the wheel. One driver, a 48-year-old resident of Greenwood, South Carolina, wants everyone to remember that after a horrific accident on Halloween lead to his arrest. According to witnesses, Torres wasn’t speeding, but he was driving down the road in his 2006 Odyssey. Suddenly, a five-year-old child came running out in the middle of the road and was struck by the vehicle. Witnesses confirmed that the child had been spooked by something and that’s when he took off running into the road. Now, the boy’s in a coma. Torres was arrested that night, but police did note on the report how the driver immediately stopped and tried to help the boy.