Suspect Arrested in Portland, Multiple Weapons Seized

SUSPECT: John B Russell

CHARGES: First-degree criminal mischief, aggravated harassment, assault on a police officer


THE DETAILS: According to Portland officials, an officer was parked in his marked police cruiser doing paperwork early on Sunday morning. The officer was suddenly startled when his back window was busted out and a chemical agent was suddenly flooding into his car. The officer was able to get out of his car, and he saw the suspect flee away on foot and get into a car. The officer explained the situation over the radio. Responders took the officer to the hospital, while other police officers chased down the culprit’s car. Once they identified the suspect, they searched his vehicle and found a laser pointer, throwing knives, slingshots, rocks, window punch tools, and paper spray. Everything was seized, and the suspect was arrested on numerous charges.


TX Police Officer Arrested After Fatal Gas Station Shooting

SUSPECT: Shaun Lucas



THE DETAILS: For better or worse, policing is changing in America. It’s no longer acceptable for authority figures to use their power to unjustly injure innocent citizens or those accused of committing a crime. Over the weekend, a police officer in Texas was responding to an incident at a gas station when things took a turn for the worst. Bullets were fired, and a 31-year-old African American male, Jonathan Price, was fatally struck. According to witnesses, Price was not even involved in the original altercation that warranted a call to police. A different man and woman were fighting, and that’s when Price intervened to ensure the safety of all. Unfortunately, police didn’t know that when they arrived. Instead, the uniformed TX police officer assumed Price was involved when he arrived. The officer attempted to detain Price, who instead resisted by holding his hands up and asking if he was free to leave. Instead, a taser was deployed. The officer then discharged his weapon. Price was rushed to the hospital, but he didn’t make it. A day later, the officer in question was placed on administrative leave. On Monday, he was arrested and charged with murder.


Floridian Arrested for Threatening Census Worker with Firearm

SUSPECT: Michael Cooper

CHARGES: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill


THE DETAILS: While we all know we’re living in uncertain times, one thing you can count on is census workers continuing to try to collect data. That means you might have an unexpected visitor at your door, like Michael Cooper experienced on Monday. Officials say a census worker, Johnny Swinney, attempted to approach Cooper’s home for data collection purposes. Witnesses confirmed that Swinney’s badge was visible and that he identified himself to Cooper as he walked up onto his porch. Cooper reportedly started yelling before going into his home. He came back out carrying an assault-style firearm and started loading the chamber. Panicked, Swinney rushed out to his vehicle. Cooper discharged a bullet while Swinney called police.


NJ Postman Arrested for Tossing Out Election Ballots

SUSPECT: Nicholas Beauchene

CHARGES: Delay, secretion, or detention of mail, obstruction of mail


THE DETAILS: According to authorities, Nicholas Beauchene, a mailman in New Jersey, has been apprehended and charged after reportedly discarding about 1,875 pieces of mail. The suspect reportedly threw mail-in ballots directly into a dumpster in North Arlington on October 2. After collecting more ballots over the next few days, he dumped even more into a dumpster in West Orange on October 5th. The pieces of mail were meant to be delivered from September 28-October 2, and authorities discovered that Beauchene was the only mail carrier assigned to those parcels. Now, he’s under arrest. If he’s convicted, then he could face up to five years in prison. His actions have only heightened fears over the integrity of our elections this year.


Multiple Suspects Arrested for Conspiracy to Overthrow Michigan Government

SUSPECTS: Adam Fox, Kaleb Franks, Brandon Caserta, Barry Croft, Daniel Harris, Ty Garbin

CHARGES: Conspiracy to commit terrorism


THE DETAILS: Early on in 2020, FBI agents noticed some suspicious behavior on social media. According to officials, they witnessed public discussions about violently overthrowing Michigan’s government. Alerted, they immediately started an investigation. Over the months, FBI agents realized the suspect’s threats were legitimate. A group of individuals was convinced that Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, had committed treason. In response, they wanted to violently overthrow the state’s government. To do so, they plotted on kidnapping the governor before attacking Michigan State Policy facilities. These threats and plans weren’t unfounded, either. Several of the suspects were found to be members of the Wolverine Watchmen militia group. At the time of the arrest, they were all pooling together money to purchase explosives. They’d already purchased a taser for their kidnapping scheme. Thankfully, the FBI arrested multiple suspects on Wednesday night, and foiled their plans.