Fatal Shooting in Kansas Bar Leads to Arrests

SUSPECTS: Javier Alatorre, Hugo Villanueva-Morales

CHARGES: 4 counts of first-degree murder


THE DETAILS: Have you ever gotten into a disagreement or scuffle in a bar? Many of us have when alcohol is involved. Two men in Kansas apparently were so enraged after a bar fight on Sunday that they left, retrieved firearms, and then returned to settle the score. Their egregious actions resulted in the deaths of four patrons. Five others were injured. When the shooting occurred, there were about 40 people inside. Police promptly identified the two shooters using surveillance video, and Alatorre has already been arrested. Police are still searching for the second suspect, Villanueva-Morales, who they say should be considered armed and dangerous.


FL Police Arrest Men Attempting to Get Alligator Drunk

SUSPECTS: Timothy Kepke, Noah Osborne

CHARGES: Unlawfully taking an alligator


THE DETAILS: Two Floridians were enjoying a few beers together when an unexpected guest appeared. The two men decided to record themselves as they played around with the new guest, an alligator. The video, which was later obtained by police, shows Osborne boldly tackling and capturing the critter. That’s when Kepke came over, pried the beast’s mouth open and then began pouring a beer into its mouth. After, they let the alligator go back into the wild. Authorities visited Kepke’s home after obtaining the video, and he admitted to everything. He claims he was not intoxicated when he made the decision to feed beer to the gator. Kepke and his partner in crime have both been arrested.


2 Arrests After Murder of Joshua Brown

SUSPECTS: Michael Mitchell, Jacquerious Mitchell, Thaddeous Green



THE DETAILS: Joshua Brown captured the nation’s attention when he was a key witness in the highly publicized trial of Amber Guyger. Guyger is the officer who gunned down an innocent man in his own home after she mistook his apartment for her own. Just days after the trial, Brown was found dead in an apparent homicide. Authorities believe he was shot in a drug deal gone bad, and they’ve already arrested two suspects that played a role in Brown’s murder. Jacquerious was apprehended at the hospital after he needed medical attention for a gunshot wound. Michael was arrested on Tuesday, and the third suspect is still on the run.


Government Defense Analyst Under Arrest After Leaking Classified Information

SUSPECT: Henry Kyle Frese

CHARGES: Leaking classified information to the press


THE DETAILS: Henry Kyle Frese, who was formerly employed by a Defense Intelligence agency in Virginia, has just been arrested for allegedly disclosing confidential information to at least two members of the media. One of the journalists he exposed secrets to was allegedly involved in a romantic relationship with Frese. According to initial reports, he exposed secrets about foreign weapons systems, which was later published in a public article. Overall, eight articles from 2018 and 2019 revealed classified information. Authorities also indicated that they have digital evidence of disclosure via text messages and social media messages.


Two Arrested While Attempting to Flee Country After Campaign Finance Charges

SUSPECTS: Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman

CHARGES: Campaign finance charges


THE DETAILS: Two men, Lev and Igor, were caught in the airport attempting to leave the country. The problem was that they were both being investigated for campaign finance violations, so police made their move and arrested the boys before they could board an international flight. According to police, the two were illegally attempting to influence an election using illegal campaign contributions. Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said the men helped him with dealings in Ukraine and attempted to get information on Joe Biden. The two have also allegedly donated to pro-Trump super PACs. On Thursday, President Trump explained that he doesn’t know the two men or many details about their charges yet.


Jane Fonda Arrested Protesting Climate Change

SUSPECT: Jane Fonda

CHARGES: Unlawful demonstration

DATE OF ARREST: October 11

THE DETAILS: The iconic 81-year-old actress, Jane Fonda, was just apprehended while taking part in a protest outside of the U.S. Capitol. Protesters were gathered to bring attention to the seriousness of climate change and to increase support for the Green New Deal. Fonda spoke to the crowd before being handcuffed and led to the police station. Authorities confirmed the actress was released a short time later on her own recognizance.