Man Arrested for Arson Twice in One Day Along Portland Freeway

SUSPECT: Domingo Lopez Jr

CHARGES: Seven counts of reckless burning, second-degree disorderly conduct

DATE OF ARREST: September 14

THE DETAILS: According to the Portland Police Department, the same man was arrested twice within a 12-hour time frame after repeatedly setting multiple fires. Police say the extreme wildfire season has already taken 35 lives, and it’s unclear what motivated the suspect to exacerbate the situation. Police say the suspect initially started a small brush fire near the freeway of Interstate 205 on Sunday afternoon. The suspect was arrested, booked, and then released on bail. Twelve hours after his first arrest, police found him again lighting fires along the freeway. Once police arrived, they realized six fires were nearby. Three were put out by community members, while the other three were extinguished by Fire and Rescue crews.


DNA Helps Solve 1980 Cold Murder Case

SUSPECT: Leonard Nash

CHARGES: First-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: September 14

THE DETAILS: Back in 1980, a young woman’s body was discovered in a grapefruit orchard. Responding authorities noted the disturbing scene. 18-year-old Michelle Jones was found unclothed and covered with dirt. Authorities immediately believe she’d been sexually assaulted before being killed. At the time, forensic evidence was collected at the scene, but the technology to use it didn’t quite exist yet. No arrests were ever made until this year when the cold case was re-opened by police. New DNA technology along with new interviews with close family members and friends led police to the current suspect – Leonard Nash. Police say the suspect was dating the victim’s older sister at the time of the murder. Family members confirmed that Nash stopped associating with them right after Michelle’s murder. On Monday, he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.


Man Hits BLM Protestor with SUV in TN

SUSPECT: Jared Benjamin Lafer

CHARGES: Aggravated assault

DATE OF ARREST: September 14

THE DETAILS: Black Lives Matter groups have been organizing protests around the country for months now, but some of them aren’t going as well as demonstrators hope. One such rally, which was held in Tennessee over the weekend, led to a protestor getting hit by an SUV. According to authorities, the victim was walking his dog when he decided to join the ongoing BLM protests. He was at the edge of a crosswalk, wearing a mask, and holding a camera when the driver of an SUV appeared. The SUV reportedly kept trying to inch through the protesters, but they weren’t letting the car pass. Eventually, it appears the driver slammed on the gas and hit the victim. The dog jumped out of the way just before the SUV’s tires rolled over the victim’s legs. The SUV immediately continued down the road without stopping to check on the injured person. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Authorities put out an arrest warrant for the suspect who turned himself into police custody on Monday.


20-Year-Old Suspect Lures Minor Online for 4 Years Then Abducts Them

SUSPECT: Lilandra Redman

CHARGES: Kidnapping

DATE OF ARREST: September 16

THE DETAILS: Lilandra Redman, a 20-year-old Pennsylvania resident, has been apprehended and charged with crossing state lines in order to abduct a minor. According to authorities, the suspect frequently talked with the 15-year-old minor online. The two had an ongoing relationship for approximately four years, which means the interactions started when the child was only 11-years-old. Police say that after years of contact, the victim agreed to meet the suspect. Redman traveled to Illinois in an Uber and the 15-year-old left with her. Police confirmed that the victim factory reset his smartphone and left it at his parent's house before the departure. Last month on August 19th, police charged Redman and issued an arrest warrant, but she and the victim have been on the run ever since. On Wednesday, authorities caught up with the duo and arrested the suspect without incident.


Netflix Cheer Documentary Star Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

SUSPECT: Jerry Harris

CHARGES: Producing child pornography

DATE OF ARREST: September 17

THE DETAILS: Jerry Harris, the leading star of a Netflix documentary called “Cheer”, was taken into federal custody on Thursday after being accused of producing child pornography. According to authorities, the suspect has already admitted to his actions. He told the police that he’s received pornographic photographs from “at least” 10-17 victims, who were all minors. The arrest comes at the heels of Harris getting hit with a civil lawsuit. According to the suit, the suspect intentionally groomed and abused two twin brothers. The brothers allege that the suspect demanded pornographic images from the boys and molested them on several occasions. The abuse reportedly started when the boys were only 13 and 14-years-old. The suspect would have been 19 at the time.