California Police Find Unconscious Man, Deceased Infant and Drugs

SUSPECT: Patrick Oneill

CHARGES: Suspicion of murder

DATE OF ARREST: Pending release from hospital

THE DETAILS: It remains unclear what led police to Patrick Oneill’s home on Saturday afternoon, but authorities were shocked at what they encountered there. Initial reports suggest that Oneill was unconscious and suffering from life-threatening injuries. He was rushed to the hospital where he received treatment. Next to Oneill was an unconscious 13-month-old child, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers didn’t find any signs indicating physical violence, but they did find proof that drugs were ingested nearby the child. Police believe the drug use exposed the child to circumstances that resulted in their death. More details will be released in the coming days.


High School Evacuated After Student Attacks Others With Frying Pan

SUSPECT: Prince Cutchember

CHARGES: First-degree assault

DATE OF ARREST: September 16

THE DETAILS: Students at Walt Whitman High School in Maryland had their routines shaken up on Monday after a classmate arrived at school armed with a frying pan. The student, who has been identified as 19-year-old Prince Cutchember, reportedly kept the pan in his backpack until 4th period. Then, he lashed out and attacked a 15-year-old without provocation. The school was put on a temporary lockdown. The 15-year-old sustained significant injuries and was taken to the hospital. The 19-year-old has been arrested and charged as an adult. Shortly later, a fire alarm went off in the building, which prompted an evacuation. The school notified parents about the day’s events and explained that the lockdown and evacuation were two separate incidents.


Possible Serial Killer Apprehended in Daytona Beach

SUSPECT: Robert Hayes


DATE OF ARREST: September 15

THE DETAILS: On Sunday, authorities in Florida arrested a man accused of strangling a 32-year-old woman to death before ditching her body on a highway in West Palm Beach back in 2016. The police explained that they connected the suspect to the crime by using genealogical DNA methods similar to the ones used to catch the Golden State Killer. This breakthrough method provided the answers detectives were seeking, but it also alerted them that the suspect’s DNA is connected to two other murders dating back to 2005 and 2006. While Hayes hasn’t been formally charged with the additional murders yet, police believe they’ve taken a serial killer off the streets.


Suspect Arrested After Making Mass Shooting “Joke” to Co-Workers

SUSPECT: Alexis Wilson

CHARGES: Felony terrorist hoax

DATE OF ARREST: September 16

THE DETAILS: An 18-year-old was conversing with co-workers on Monday when she suddenly started making “jokes” about wanting to shoot up her old high school for fun. She described her intent to kill at least 400 people, and that’s when co-workers became very concerned. An anonymous tipster reached out to police, and they started an investigation. Upon questioning the suspect, they learned she had been expelled from the high school for aggressive behavior. They also found an AK-47 in her room. Now, she faces up to ten years in prison for her threats.


Political Pundit Arrested After Attempting to Attend Climate Conference

SUSPECT: Kurt Bardella

CHARGES: Released without charges, may be forthcoming

DATE OF ARREST: September 19

THE DETAILS: Kurt Bardella, a well-known political pundit, arrived at a climate conference forum that was being hosted by MSNBC and Our Daily Planet, which is an organization Bardella’s wife founded. Together, Bardella and his wife hauled in boxes, tables, and other supplies for the event. At some point during the set-up process, security showed up and began locking down the area to the public. That’s when Bardella reportedly encountered an officer while trying to re-enter the building. The officer asked for his credentials, but Bardella insisted he’d been helping his wife. Things got heated, and it ultimately ended with Bardella being taken to the station. He was released without charges, but the officer claims Bardella assaulted him and resisted arrest. In the end, Bardella made it back to the conference and was able to continue reporting on his Twitter account.


Storm Area 51 Event Goes Well, Only 5 Arrests

SUSPECTS: 5 individuals

CHARGES: Suspicion of trespassing, indecent exposure, alcohol-related incident

DATE OF ARREST: September 20

THE DETAILS: The media has been reporting on the alleged raid on Area 51 that was set to take place on September 20th. While many know the whole event is a joke, hundreds still showed up at the military base. According to authorities, about 3,000 people attended the event on the first night. One Sheriff, Kerry Lee, described the individuals as “largely well behaved” despite the steady stream of incoming cars. Three individuals are suspected of temporarily ducking into restricted areas, so they were arrested. Another person was arrested after urinating in public, and yet another was charged in an alcohol-related incident.