Suspect Arrested for 2014 Murder

SUSPECT: James Leon Edwards

CHARGES: First-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: September 1

THE DETAILS: In October of 2014, Nathaniel Jackson was found shot to death in his own Minnesota home. He was discovered after an anonymous tipster reached out to 911. Initially, authorities believed Jackson was killed during either a robbery or cocaine sale gone wrong. A suspect, Michael Davis, was arrested for the murder, but the following year his case was dropped entirely by the state. Now, investigators have arrested a new suspect, James Edwards. More details are expected to emerge as detectives interrogate Edwards.


Authorities in Alabama Stunned After 14-Year-Old Murders Family

SUSPECT: Unnamed 14-year-old

CHARGES: Five counts of murder

DATE OF ARREST: September 3

THE DETAILS: In the middle of the night, a frantic 14-year-old boy called 911. He told the dispatcher that his whole family, two adults and three children, had been shot to death. When authorities arrived, they learned that one adult and child were still alive. The two were immediately airlifted to the hospital in critical condition while the 14-year-old was questioned. Before long, the teenager admitted to committing the horrific act. His two remaining family members passed away in the hospital a short time later. The boy led the police to the murder weapon, but his motive remains a mystery. For now, the teen will remain in police custody.


U.S. Citizen Arrested After Attempting to Smuggle Baby Back into America

SUSPECT: Jennifer Erin Talbot

CHARGES: Child trafficking

DATE OF ARREST: September 4

THE DETAILS: An American woman was caught attempting to illegally smuggle a six-day-old child out of the Philippians and into the continental U.S. The suspect reportedly tried to hide the newborn child within her carry-on luggage as she made her way through airport security. Originally, the child was in the woman’s arms through the X-ray machine. Then, it seemingly disappeared at the Immigration counters. When questioned by investigators, the suspect couldn’t produce papers for the youngster. After further questioning the woman, investigators learned the two were on their way to Columbus, Ohio. The suspect was ultimately detained at the gate, and the child is now with the Department of Social Welfare and Development.


Suspect Arrested After 14-Year-Old Found in Make-Shift Grave

SUSPECT: Matthew Little

CHARGES: Reckless homicide

DATE OF ARREST: September 4

THE DETAILS: Back in April, 14-year-old Jonathan Minard went missing. Investigators eventually discovered his body buried in a shallow grave on a farm in Washington Township. The farm is owned by Little’s family, and it was soon revealed that the youngster often worked there. Detectives soon learned from an autopsy that Minard was killed due to acute fentanyl intoxication, so his death was described as “unintentional.” Despite that, 29-year-old Little will still face criminal charges. It’s clear that Little supplied drugs to the young teenager, which ultimately caused his death. In addition, Little attempted to hide the death rather than report the accident to the authorities. In all, Little is facing over 15 different charges.


Mayor Arrested by FBI Agents After Extorting Marijuana Vendors

SUSPECT: Jasiel F. Correia II

CHARGES: Extortion, defrauding investors, filing false tax returns

DATE OF ARREST: September 6

THE DETAILS: Residents of Fall River were shocked when their mayor was led out of his home in handcuffs by federal agents. According to authorities, the mayor is facing serious allegations. Prior to his arrest, he was already under investigation for reportedly filing false tax returns and defrauding investors. During the investigation, the police found evidence that the mayor was also extorting the state’s marijuana vendors for cash. He reportedly planned on taking over $250,000 and a percentage of the company’s sales in exchange for supporting marijuana-related measures. The scheme allegedly involved four other suspects who are also expected to receive charges soon.


Lovers Arrested Again After New Evidence Found in Missing Persons Case

SUSPECT: Michelle Troconis

CHARGES: Evidence tampering

DATE OF ARREST: September 5

THE DETAILS: Fotis Dulos has been the primary suspect in a missing person case since his estranged wife mysteriously vanished back in May. Investigators have been working overtime in an attempt to crack the case, but it’s been a long road so far. Back in June, both Dulos and his new girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were arrested when cops discovered video surveillance of the two appearing to dump evidence in the trash. Later, police found DNA from Dulos at the victim’s residence. It’s unclear what new evidence the police have discovered, but both suspects have been rearrested. Thus far, they’re only facing evidence tampering charges.